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What is healthier a green apple or a red apple?

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Yes, green apple is healthier, containing 50% more nutrients and nutriento calories, which help pretent against various apple related diseases.
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Which apples are better for you red or green?

Red and green apples both contain about the same amount of good  nutrients and benefits. So the best one, is really up to the person  eating the apples and what they like.

Are red apples sweeter than green apples?

It depend's on the type of apple. If green apple is a Granny Smith (one of my favorites) most likely the red apple will be sweeter than the green apple.

What is healthier a green apple or a red grapes?

A green apple is healthier than red grapes because everyone says the phrase "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".And i checked the nutrion facts and it seems that the green

Why do apples turn from green red?

It's a result of the ethylene gasses which a natural released by the fruit aging them. The reason that apples turn red dates back in time. A red or brightly colored fruit is f

Is green or red apples the best?

Green is the best if you don't mind a bit of sourness like me or if u don't then red is best

Are green apples bigger than red apples?

it depends on how they are grown. if they are grown poorly, they will grow small. if they are grown GREAT, they will grow large
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Does a red apple rot faster then a green apple?

No, it does not matter what color or type of apple you have. What makes an apple rot is when it is exposed to oxygen. So if you left a slice of a red apple and a slice of a gr