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Instnct is the subconscious and intractable desire to live in company. There some animals who have particularly strong instinct to live in groups [herds]. Man seems to have at least certain degree of herd instinct. This is because, if children are isolated from others show dissent, sadness and even physical signs of stress.
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What is a instinct?

instinct is natural calling or voice. instinct is similar withintuition.

What are instincts?

a behavior that is passed from parents to offspringInstinct is the intuitive way of acting or thinking of a person oran animal. It is also defined as a typical fixed pattern o

What are herds?

Herds refer to groups of ungulate or equine animals numbering from as few as two to as many as thousands. It is a term for animals like horses, cattle, zebras, antelope, bison

What is a snakes instinct?

The same as nearly every other animal on this planet - survival andreproduction.

What are a ravens instincts?

raven instincts are that they learn how to fly from there parents and learn how to find food and finally live on there own and find a mate.

What rhymes with instincts?

Near rhymes include: 1) -stinct and -cinct words : precincts, extinct, distinct,succinct 2) -tinks and -inks words : stinks, blinks, brinks, chinks, clinks,drinks, finks, jink
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Are koalas instinct?

An animal cannot be instinct. It can have instincts, or it can be extinct . The koala has numerous instincts, which are behaviours which help it survive. For example,

What do herding dogs herd?

Mostly cattle, sheep and horses, but also ducks and geese. They will also attempt to herd children, adult humans, cats, other dogs, rabbits and virtually any living beings tha