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Mark-making is the process of applying pencil to paper.
I would broaden this to include applying anything to anything! (scratching marks in plaster, using pen and ink, paint on canvas, anything that leaves a mark on the page could be considered mark making that's what is so nice about it:o)
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How-does art make you feel?

its makes me feel overpowered putting my emotion into drawing

What makes art museums important?

Art muesums are important because they show the history of arts and the many styles they used compared to the things we paint or draw today. Also art muesums for some, give id

What kind of art did the Aztecs Make?

They did art of what they saw and what they did. If someone is being sacrificed to there god they would draw it. They drew all this so we can see what there lives were like an

What makes nursing an art?

  Nursing is the art of caring. That is what makes it an art, because you can not learn to care from a book just as you can not learn to paint or draw from a book you must

Why did Egyptians make art?

Most of Egyptian art was for funerary purposes, such as the elaborately decorated tombs and pyramids which the pharaoh's were placed in.

Who was the first person to make art?

art has been around forever but in all of man kind the first person to make art was not human. it was god and his masterpiece is all around you for when he created the world t

What did the egyptians use to make art?

Most ancient Egyptian art were stone carvings. For these carvings they used copper chisels and stone hammers. To paint them, they mixed pigments from berries, animal fat, ash

How do you make art attack gum?

gum and water...combined it together...

What makes the art Gothic art?

Gothic art was started around 1140CE in the french province known as L'Ile-de-France (Paris and vicinity) and grew to influence the rest of norther Europe. The most influentia

Why did they make ancient art?

  Because "they" were bored.   At the time, it wasn't ancient. So it was just art. a better question to ask is "why do they make art?"