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What is meant by a nominal current or nominal voltage?

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It is a rated value
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Can i use a circuit breaker with 420V nominal voltage in 520V line voltage nominal current of circuit breaker is 1600A if I can how much current can pass from this circuit breaker?

  NO! NO! NO!   The circuit breaker must be rated for the line voltage used. Exceeding this limit can cause catastrophic failure!   If you are really working on a 16

What meant by nominal value of shares?

Nominal value of shares refers to the value of share expressed in  monetary terms. It is the fixed value of an issued security for the  specific year or years without adjust

What are nominals?

Nominals are found in the Australian language and do not  differentiate nouns from adjectives. Nominals relate to a noun or  any word group that functions as a noun.

What is nominal current and Load current?

Nominal Current: In respect to Current Transformers, its the allowable current in amperes which can be transmitted by each contact continuously and simultaneously. Load Cu

What is nominal line voltage?

'Nominal' means 'named'. So a 'nominal' voltage is the named voltage of a system. For example, when we talk about a 120-V or 240-V system, we are describing their nominal valu

What is meant by nominal current or nominal voltage?

The word nominal means the lowest possible safe amount. So, nominal  current or nominal voltage is the lowest amount necessary to  perform an electrical function like keepin

What is nominal zener voltage?

A zener diode has a voltage when it reachesbreak over it may be 5v 12vor other voltage as manufactured. The manufacture will produce a 5v zener or is it? This voltage can chan

What is nominal voltage?

It is the rated voltage of an electric equipment. It is the voltage at which the device is designed to operate. Another Answer Nominal means 'named'. So a nominal voltage is

What is difference between nominal and terminal voltage?

The rated voltage of a motor listed on the nameplate is called the terminal voltage. This indicates the actual voltage on the motors terminals at which at which the manufactur

What is the nominal supply voltage?

The term, 'nominal', simply means 'named'. For example, the nominal supply voltage for a residence in the UK is 230 V. But this doesn't mean that the actual supply voltage is

What is the Difference between nominal voltage and operating voltage?

Nominal voltage is the 'named' voltage -for example, the nominal supply voltage in the UK is 230 V. But this is not necessarily the actual voltage at a particular time. A nomi

What is meant by a nominal current?

'Nominal' simply means 'named'. So a 'nominal current' is simply a 'named current' and a 'nominal voltage' is simply a 'named voltage'. As opposed to 'actual'. For example, i
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Is them nominative?

No, the personal pronoun 'them' is an objective pronoun that  takes the place of a plural noun (or two or more nouns) as the  object of a verb or a preposition.   The co
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What is meant by nomination of candidates?

It simply means selecting the candidates for the electorate to  choose from at the ballot. For example - there might be 10  candidates nominated (chosen) to run for office -