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Med pay coverage is called medical payments coverage in an insurance policy. This coverage will pay for reasonable expenses incurred for necessary medical and funeral services because of bodily injury caused by an accident and sustained by an insured. The insurance policy will not reimburse for experimental treatment, treatment not recognized within the medical profession within the United States. The services are only reasonable and necessary if the treatment is rendered by a licensed medical provider within his/her practices and the charges are consistent with the usual charges within the geographical area for similar services. In California, acupuncture is a covered expense by licensed acupuncturists.
This coverage applies only in limited circumstances. First you must be injured
and you must have incurred medical expenses. The insurance coverage does not pay for future medical expenses; it only reimburses for medical expenses you have due to your injuries in the accident. Secondly, you must be an insured under the policy to receive the benefits of med pay coverage. An insured under the insurance policy is
  1. the named insured on the policy (usually the one who owns the vehicle that is insured),
  2. the named insured's resident spouse,
  3. any family member to the named insured which is any person related to you by blood marriage or adoption who is a resident of your household
  4. any one using the vehicle covered under the named insured's policy.

Insurance coverage follows the vehicle. If you are in a vehicle that has med pay coverage on its policy, you will likely be a covered insured under the med pay coverage of the policy. However, you may be a covered insured for med pay coverage under more than one policy. It is best to consult attorney to be sure you know which policies may cover you under the medical payments coverage of the insurance policy.
As is the case with most insurance policies, there are listed exclusions to when the policy does not apply. Here is a list of some of the exclusions:
  1. If you are using the car as a taxi no one will be covered;
  2. If the vehicle you are using was furnished for your regular use it will not be covered;
  3. If you own the vehicle and did not buy med pay coverage on that vehicle you will not be covered;
  4. If your family member owns his own car or uses a car regularly, the family member will not be covered under your policy
  5. If the injury caused by war, rebellion, etc. there is no coverage
  6. If you are on a motorized vehicle with fewer than 4 wheels there will be coverage.

It is not required that you carry med pay coverage in some states. Therefore, the coverage is only a supplemental coverage you can purchase on your policy. Typically the charge for this coverage is small compared to the benefit you can receive if you are ever in an accident. If you are injured and an insured under the med pay policy, then you are entitled to this benefit regardless of fault. I encourage you to ask your agent about adding this coverage to your policy today.
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