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A missionary type of sales job involves convincing someone who has never used a product to buy it. Selling financial planning or life insurance and other financial products typifies the missionary sales job. The metaphor of a missionary involves educating someone about an idea or concept and convincing them to have faith in that concept.
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What does a missionary do?

To faithfully live as a follower of Jesus and make disciples asJesus commanded his disciples to do before he ascended into heaven. Spreading the gospel of Jesus to everyone wi

Who is missionaries?

This question may refer to the Missionaries of the Mormon Church; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormon Missionaries are unpaid volunteers who actively seek

Who are missionaries?

Missionaries feel a calling to help poor and disadvantaged people in their battles of restoring dignity, maintaining health, escaping poverty and above all, learning of the Go

How many missionaries are there?

There are many all over the world it can be answered but not if you travel the world you will not find many but that can't be answered

What are missionaries?

Missionaries are people who go out (generally to another country) to convert people to their religion. ( normaly it is religion but it also can be explores coming from differe

Why do missionaries do what they do?

Missionaries do what they do because after hearing prophecies orreading a verse..... you start getting an exciting feeling and thenyou might talk to your pastor about it or ev

What did the missionaries do?

the people who help form the missionaries. got the so called "half caste" aborigines and rounded them up. and they got only the half castes because they wanted to get rid of t

What is a missionarie?

a missionarie is someone who is sended to do a deed in other words, sended to do a job of some sort.

Are there missionaries?

yes there are, still all over the world preahing, serving, helping, loving caring and decipling. etc

Who can be a missionary?

Anyone can be a missionary- if you're asking about Christian missions, God calls all believers to be involved in reaching the world with the Gospel...

Do missionary baptist churches have missionaries?

Sort of, they do not necessarily have missionaries at their churches, but one of their big beliefs is that it is important for them to support missionaries. Most missionary Ba
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What is an missionary?

missionary / missionaries, they are people who spread across a certain area in which they share detail about religion, or any other important events.
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What are missionarys?

a person sent on a religious mission, especially one sent topromote Christianity in a foreign country.