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Moksha, more commonly referred to as Nirvana in Buddhism, is a liberation from Samsara (a cycle of rebirth and suffering). Nirvana is the end goal of the Buddhist path, as it is referred to as "the highest happiness." In this way, Moksha could be called a transcendence into another, utopian world. To reach Moksha/Nirvana, a person must free themselves from all desires, anger, and other afflicting states.
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What is the difference between heaven and moksha as per Geeta?

There are three types of Karma. One is good karma,  another is bad karma, another is karma with no  attachment to it or karma done in the name of God or in  service of god.

What is moksha and how does one reach it?

Moksha is the freedom from the vicious cycle of life, death, and rebirth. In hinduism, people are divided into different varnas, or groups in the caste system. When people are


they try to meditate or pray to Supreme God. Also they try to do  yoga to get Moksha (liberation).

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a one of the six major religions started in Gya, the  place in India. It is based on the teachings Siddhartha Gautama,  known as the Buddha or "awakened one". So

What does Buddhism teach?

Buddhism is the main religion in Japan. It teaches respect for nature, cleanliness, love for simple things, and good manners. About half of the people of Japan are Buddhist. A

What is the Difference between dharma and moksha as stands in Hindu tradition?

Dharma is the moral obligation a person has in their life, like a man has certain obligations as a man to fufill like providing for his family. Moksha is liberation. Once moks

How do Hindus achieve moksha?

There are four different paths to achieve Moksha which a Hindu can take. The Hindu can choose one or all four of the paths they are: 1 The path of knowledge - Jnana-Yoga Spiri

Paths of moksha?

the four paths to moksha are bhakti, karma, jnana and raja

What religion believes in moksha?

Most religions believe in salvation. In Hinduism, salvation is termed moksha. Hinduism believes in the moksha of the soul.

What Can Buddhism do?

It has a lot of benefits. Sorta difficult to tell in a word or two. Unlike other religions in the world, nobody is forced to believe anything in the Buddhist philosophy. Lord

Is Buddhism true?

Buddhism is an immense philosophy. To claim that it is true would be redundant, as Buddhism is divided amongst many Buddhists with specific disagreements over certain teaching