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What is needed to burn music onto a DVD-r?

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A DVD-R burner, software and a DVD-R disk. The software can be found anywhere for free. The hardware(DVD-R) burner needs to be purchased at a store along with the disk. Once you have installed the hardware and software just place the files on the disk.
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How do you copy music onto DVD?

Well first you need music on your computer. Most computers sold with the OS installed will come with some software. It may be Nero or Sonic are a couple popular ones, if not t (MORE)

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Is it better to burn pictures onto a CD or a DVD?

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How do you burn DVD onto computer?

When you burn a movie or video file to DVD, you'll need a DVD burner to help you. First, download the movie or the video which you want to burn to your computer. Second, r (MORE)

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How can you download a YouTube video onto your PC and burn it onto a DVD?

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How to burn documents onto a DVD or CD?

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Is it illegal to burn music onto CD's?

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