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What is needed to burn music onto a DVD-r?

A DVD-R burner, software and a DVD-R disk. The software can be found anywhere for free. The hardware(DVD-R) burner needs to be purchased at a store along with the disk. Once you have installed the hardware and software just place the files on the disk.
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Is it better to burn pictures onto a CD or a DVD?

It depends primarily on how many pictures you intend to store on a single disc, the size of those pictures and where they will be viewed. Choosing one of the other will have n (MORE)

Can you burn music on a DVD-r to play in a car stereo?

It is unlikely that the car stereo would be able to process and read the mp3 files or file type that would be burned onto the DVD-r. If the car stereo DVD audio and video cap (MORE)

Effective Music CD Burning Programs and Software

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How can you download a YouTube video onto your PC and burn it onto a DVD?

To download Utube video, I know three ways: Firefox+Ant toolbar Maxthon2 also has the downloading function which could download Utube video. With Webvideocap. To burn YouT (MORE)

How to burn documents onto a DVD or CD?

Hello, burn documents onto a CD/DVD, that's so easy, you just need to use a right program to help you, you can use RZ Free DVD Burner, its free and easy to use, it can directl (MORE)
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Is it illegal to burn music onto CD's?

It depends which website you got the music from. Edit: there is nothing illegal in storing information, whether it be on your hdd or a cd. However, it is illegal to download y (MORE)
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Can you burn videos onto a DVD from ilivid?

No. It just downloads from internet. You have to save it then  burn using another app. 
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