What is nominal zener voltage?

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A zener diode has a voltage when it reachesbreak over it may be 5v 12vor other voltage as manufactured. The manufacture will produce a 5v zener or is it? This voltage can change from device to device but the mean or nominal voltage will be as close as 5v as possible. So when buying a 5v zener do not expect 5v absolute but a nominal 5 v ZENERS are designed for a specific voltage [ THEREFORE NOMINAL] as mentioned above . depends on the voltage required it can be bought within a specific voltage -/+ a % of the breakdown
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Zener diode as a voltage regulator?

A: A zener diode is manufacture to reverse breakdown at a certain voltage this voltage will remain almost constant no matter how much more voltage is available [within operati

What is zener break down voltage?

It is the voltage at which the zener diode will start to allow current flow in the reverse direction. Useful for regulating voltage.

What is nominal voltage?

It is the rated voltage of an electric equipment. It is the voltage at which the device is designed to operate. Another Answer Nominal means 'named'. So a nominal volta

Discussion of zener diode a voltage regulation?

A zener diode has a relatively flat voltage to current curve when reverse biased. Within limits, you can consider that the voltage across the zener diode is constant.. You ca

Why zener diode is used as voltage regulator?

A: At one time it was used for a regulator because in the reverse voltage breakdown it has the characteristic of keeping the voltage constant as voltage is increased. IT has b

Are diode forward and zener voltages the same?

A: Both diodes have the same curve in the forward direction however if the zener voltage is reverse it will breakdown at a particular voltage and remain conducting at the volt

What are the Voltage and current characteristics of zener diode?

A: A zener is a diode that has the property when reversed bias is applied to breakdown at a particular voltage and remain in that mode until the input voltage is reduced below

What is the zener breakdown voltage?

A: ZENERS are nothing else then regular diode that have a very predictable reverse breakdown voltage of xx volts. This voltage can be used to limit the input voltage or regula

What is the breakdown voltage of a zener diode?

A Zener diode doesn't allow almost any current to flow below a certain voltage. Above this voltage (the breakdown voltage), the amount of current that can flow is almost unlim
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What will a Zener diode do at breakdown voltage?

A Zener Diode will continue to show its breakdown characteristics until it gets fried... for example a 5 volt zener will get fried at a breakdown voltage of about 6 volts..thi

How do you read the voltage zener diode by coding?

You cannot read this directly from markings on the device. The markings on diodes (of any type) whether printed characters or color bands indicate the manufacturer's part numb