What is now the name of Citizens Home Insurance Company Inc of Richmond VA?

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Can the insurance company inspect your home?

Insurers take steps to help avoid a loss, including inspections. (afull inspection of your home's electrical and heating systemsshould be performed annually by a licensed contractor) The typicalinsurance company inspection is much simpler, usually checking forany obvious problems and determining und (MORE)

Which insurance company took over Atlantic Life Insurance Company of Richmond Virginia?

Before an insurance company can sell insurance in a certain state,it must register with the State Dept of Insurance. If the companyis sold, then it must notify the Dept of who it was sold to. If itjust closes down, its policies were likely sold to another company,the Dept will have to be notified of (MORE)

Is there still a life insurance company named Citizens Home Insurance company?

Citizens Home insurance Company was a family members company as well. We have an assumption certificate that states the Independent Life and Accident Insurance company in Jacksonville, FL effective September 8, 1981. I have googled the Independent life and Accident Insurance and this is what I have (MORE)

How do you find the company that now has your life insurance policy issued decades ago by now-defunct Universal Life Insurance Co of Richmond VA?

Before an insurance company can sell insurance in a certain state, it must register with the State Dept of Insurance. If the company is sold, then it must notify the Dept of who it was sold to. If it just closes down, its policies were likely sold to another company, the Dept will have to be notifie (MORE)

Is it harder to get a home insured if you have moved out and are now renting the property and can the mortgage company object to doing this and can they forbid renting it out?

No. Be sure you only insure the dwelling and not the contents inside. You should ask your tenants to have renters insurance to cover their personal belongings. Your mortgage company will require that you have adequate coverage but is not concerned with personal belongings inside the home.. As far a (MORE)

Do insurance companies insure homes with trampolines?

Some may but in general they are considered exposures to risk and will be excluded or your coverage may even be canceled. You will need to speak with an agent or agencies in order to find a company that will accept a trampoline risk.

Need phone number to Richmond Va office of Home Beneficial Life Insurance office?

I found an insurance policy that my deceased aunt, Arizona H. Bilbrey left my father, Jerry L. Hyder, who is also now deceased. I was wondering if there is any value to this policy. The policy number is 63355553. It is dated 09/02/1963. Company memo. 136, plan 15 and debit 24.. Thank you,. Gwendol (MORE)

What is Mackoul and Associates Inc Insurance Company?

Mackoul & Associates, Inc. specializes in the insurance of Cooperatives and Condominiums. Other insurance offered includes Commercial Insurance, Business Auto Insurance, Error & Omissions Liability, Business Life Insurance, Insurance for Small Business Owners, Worker Compensation and Short Term Disa (MORE)

What companies offer home insurance in Florida?

Many national brands such as Nationwide, Progressive, and State Farm offer home insurance in Florida. Some other companies that offers it are Security First and Citizens Property Insurance.

What companies offer home owner insurance?

Homeowners insurance is offered by several large insurance companies. They include MetLife, State Farm, and Travellers Insurance. There are several others available as well.

What is a company name for home insurance?

There are many insurance companies that offer homeowners insurance and it will vary from state to state. I recommend that you call an Independent Insurance Agency. These type of insurance agencies represent several insurance companies and can compare companies and policies from different companies t (MORE)

How often can an insurance company inspect your home?

There is no legal limit. Most insurance companies will inspect the property at policy issuance and at policy renewal. But they can inspect it at any time they perceive a potential for a change in risk factors.

What are good and reliable home insurance companies?

Home owner's insurance is a contract that allows coverage if an accident(s) occurs in a lifetime to one's home. They are many insurance companies that have good and reliable contract for home insurance. Your preferred price, benefits, and coverage's (among others) will be key facts in choosing your (MORE)

What is a good home insurance company?

State Farm is listed as one good company. Amica is also listing an ad as offering affordable home insurance coverage. Other companies like Geico and Progressive offer this coverage as well.

Who are the best home insurance companies?

Best home insurance companies as guided by customer satisfaction ratings (according to insure.com) include: USAA, Amica Mutual, Chubb, Erie Insurance Group, Country Insurance and AAA, which all received between 4 1/2 to 5 stars (out of 5).

Which companies in CA offer home insurance?

Many companies in CA offer home insurance. Check out the Yellow Pages in your local area and you will see numerous companies. Many advertise their specialties in the Yellow Pages and you can choose one that meets your needs.

What companies offer home emergency insurance?

Most homeowerns have home emergency insurance built into their homeowner's policies. It is available from all the major carriers such as State Farm. Check with an insurance broker for policies from independant insurers.

What companies are home insurers?

There are many places to find home insurance companies. Among these companies are AAA, Traveler's Home Insurance, and Progressive Insurance. Each of these companies can be easily found on the internet and can provide referrals to local agents in the area in which the house to be insured is located.

What are some of the best home insurance companies?

It is difficult to name the best home insurance companies as it depends completely on the type and level of cover required by the customer. It may be best to do a comparison of insurers using a price comparison website or the insurers official website.

What kind of company is Citizen Insurance?

Citizen Insurance is a property insurance company. You can insure your building, your contents or both. They have a range of policy options that are flexible around your requirements.

What companies in Canada offer home insurance?

Various insurance companies in the country of Canada offer home insurance. For instance, Aviva Canada is one of the largest property insurance providers in the country. Even All State, which is a U.S.-based company, offers this insurance, too. Plenty of other options exist.