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the process of bringing back a habitat to a healthy condition,known as habitat
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How can you restore a file?

Download and install software that allows you to "undelete" files 8but most require that the software is installed before you delete the file that has to be undeleted.

Restore in a sentence?

Fred plans to restore the old wagon to original specifications. The court will restore your driving privileges after you complete your defensive driving course. Restore is a v

How do you restore your toolbars?

Right-click in the bar above the bar where you have to type url's. There you will see a list of enabled toolbars. If you disabled your toolbar in the addons menu: Go to: T

How do you restoration headlight?

If you've got at least $10 and an hour, it is easy. Your local  auto parts store has several Headlight Restoration Kits.  Essentially, the clear coat on the plastic or acryl