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Retweet means to forward a tweet to your followers.It is like forwarding a text message or an email.
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How do you get justin bieber to retweet you?

Its difficult but not impossible. Although he receives a lot of tweets and won't always see yours, you still have a chance. You need to seize the right moment, the time he is

Why are you only allowed so many Tweet or retweet on twitter?

There is a limit to how many tweets that you can send in a certain amount of time as a precaution for spam. It's really to stop those accounts that are made just to send spam

How do you see what someone retweeted you?

You can't see who retweeted you on certain applications, such as Tweetdeck for iPhone and such. However, on web, you go to your homepage, and below the bar where you enter you

How you retweet on Twitter?

The easiest way to Retweet on Twitter is to hover over a Tweet and click on the 'Retweet' link. You will be asked to confirm this action; to do so simply click on the blue Ret