What is silt soil used for?

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Silt is a soil texture, or a soil particle separate.

Silt textured soils are used for anything that other soils would be used for, except perhaps the mining of sand or clay.
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What are the uses of soil?

It is very good for the growth of plants because it contains humus and lome .Humans indirectly depend on soil for the growth of plants which provide food to humans. Humans use soil for farming, building houses, office buildings etc .

What is silt?

Silt is a sedimentry rock that is carried by water such as creeks and rivers. It is used for growing crops as it is rich, and really fertile soil.

How is soil used?

Soil is used to create a habitat for plants and animals. Although soil looks still and lifeless that is far from the truth.. Answer . Soil is used to pot plants, create bases for yards, grow crops, create sod, provide grazing land for domesticated animals, provide contouring in landscaping, crea (MORE)

What is soil used for?

Soil, the loose material that covers the land surfaces of Earth and supports the growth of plants. Soil actually constitutes a living system, combining with air, water, and sunlight to sustain plant life. The essential process of photosynthesis, in which plants convert sunlight into energy, depends (MORE)

How do you use soil conditioner?

Most soil conditioners are mixed with water and watered into your garden soil. They can be applied multiple times during the growing season. Jungle Flora is an organic soil conditioner that also works as a plant accelerator.

What do you use soil conditioner for?

Soil conditioners regenerate soil that has not been mistreated by chemicals or other misuses. Jungle Flora is a very good organic soil conditioner that adds essential components back into the soil, which in turn help your plants to grow much better and produce better harvests.

What are the uses of silt?

Silt is used to build bricks, grow crops, make sedimentary rocks and concrete . Silt is also very thin and can be mistaken by sand.

What is silt used for?

silt is used for many different things such as concrete, bricks, growing crops, making sedimentary rocks and lots more

How do you improve the bearing capacity of silt soil?

The the bearing capacity of silt soil can be improved by: . Compacting the soil to increase it's density. . Increasing the depth of the foundation layer as the increased effective stress will act to increase bearing capacity . The use of geosynthetics may act to increase bearing capacity . The (MORE)

Use silt in a sentence?

the lake contained a large quantity of silt another example is: Ancient Egyptians depended on silt to give them a good harvest

What did Ancient Egyptians use silt for?

They used silt, or black mud for farming their crops. It provided rich soil for the crops. They also used it to make mudbricks, which they used for buildings, clay for pottery, etc.

What are uses of soil?

For trees if dont have soil there is no trees and if there is no trees we die because the trees make up the air. And if we dont have soil the flowers will not exist.

How soil is useful?

It gives a plant the nutrients and area for its roots to grow, thus for the plant to grow.

What fruits and vegetables grow best in silt soil?

in loamy soil corn, basil, apple, beans, cauliflower in sandy soil cabbage, carrots, broccoli, potatoes, watermelon in clay soil paddy, sugarcane, wheat in black cotton, black beans, lady's finger, brinjaal

What is the tundra soil used for?

Tundra soil has no commercial purpose whatsoever. In the winter it is frozn and in summer is squishy and water logged. Travel across tundra in the summer can be difficult.

Does soil have clay sand and silt in it?

Yes some Soil does! It dosent all have in it!! Too find out more look up on Google what types of soil has Clay or silt in it. There are MANY different types of soil. SAND is soil!!!! I'm NOT lyin'!!! Hope this helps ~Charlie~

What was silt used for in ancient Eygpt?

Silt is basically very fertile soil that was usually at the bottom of the Nile. When it flooded the water and silt went to the rose and gave nutrients to the places around it making the land better for crops like papyrus and cotton.

How do you use a word silt in a sentence?

---defined: Silt is a granular material of a grain size between sand and clay derived from soil or rock. Silt may occur as soil or as suspended sediment in a body of water. Silt may also exist as soil deposited at the bottom of a body of water. There is much silt at the bottom of most lakes. (MORE)

Can silt be used to make pottery?

I am pretty sure you can. Also, its larger particle size wouldmean it was less likely to break when fired. . ADDED: It depends on the material. Silt is simply very finesediment, but if the sediment is predominantly of clay-formingminerals then it can be used for pottery or at leastearthenware.

How is soil is useful for us?

Soil is a major ecological factor and plants depend on soil for nutrients, water supply and anchorage also influence seed germination,form and vigour.It also support the plant to remain erect, besides this the woodiness of the stem, depth of the root system, number of flower and fruits on a plant, s (MORE)

What way soil is useful to us?

Soil is useful to us because it provides the nutrients for plants to grow which provide us with food and fruits. It is also useful for recycling remember dust to dust....

Is silt the same as potting soil?

No. While silt is usually rich in nutrients, it is a natural soil deposited by rivers, streams, and creeks. Potting soil is a manufactured product of natural organic components.

What does silt soil look like?

Soil Consists of solid grains that have various sizes. Like coarse grained particles such as boulder, gravel and sand also fine grained particles such as silt and clay. The grains are classified according to their sizes. A size of solid particles ranging between 0.06 mm and 0.002 mm is know as silt. (MORE)