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A split personality is when a person can be two different personalities at one time. On occasion they can appear nice, helpful, a good friend or even a good lover and without warning they could become selfish, arrogant and cruel. They flip back and forth between the two personalities.
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Why did Lewis Carroll have a split personality?

There are a number of indications that show Lewis Carroll had a  split personality. He held the personality of Reverend C. L.  Dodgson who was reserved, conservative and fus

Are split personalities dangerous?

The term, "Split Personality" is no longer used scientifically, replaced by the term schizophrenia or the term schizoform disorder. Schizoform disorders are a psychosis charac

Is split personality real?

While there is a great deal of debate over the existence of multiple personality disorders, bipolar disorder could appear in a way that seems like the individual has two almos

What is split personality disorder?

Dissociative Identity Disorder, commonly known as split personality disorder is a psychiatric disorder in which the patients displays two or more distinct identities (like alt

What illnesses cause split personalitys?

Well there is multiple personality disorder, which is when the person has multiple personalities obviously. They go into what they call their alters, so they have different pe

How rare is it for someone to have a split personality?

  Answer   It is pretty rare for someone to actually live by two complete identities when speaking about the true definition of split personality as a whole, however

What are the Causes of split personality?

The causes to a split personality are actually fairly easy to pinpoint. Even at a young age you are able to create a split personality due to severe trauma in ones life. The t

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Who was the first person to split the atom?

ANSWER Ernest Walton and John Cockroft (1932) were the first to split the nucleus in a completely controlled manner. This was under the direction of Rutherford (see below) w

How do you know if you have split personality?

Answer   A psychologist or a trained and experienced clinical social worker should be able to do an assessment that includes this kind of issue. There are paper-pencil inve

What is it called when you have a split personality?

This is usually an act up from having schizophrenia. It can vary from 4 different types: Simple, Paranoid, Catatonic, and Hebephrenic. I personally think that this falls under

Does schizophrenia mean split personalities?

Persons with schizophrenia do not have "split personality". Their illness is due to biochemical disturbance of the brain. The symptoms are as follows: - disconnected and confu