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A split personality is when a person can be two different personalities at one time. On occasion they can appear nice, helpful, a good friend or even a good lover and without warning they could become selfish, arrogant and cruel. They flip back and forth between the two personalities.
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What is split personality disorder?

Dissociative Identity Disorder, commonly known as split personality disorder is a psychiatric disorder in which the patients displays two or more distinct identities (like alt

How do you know if you have split personality?

Answer   A psychologist or a trained and experienced clinical social worker should be able to do an assessment that includes this kind of issue. There are paper-pencil inve

Is there a cure for split personalities?

it depends on the person and if they want to change and it also depends on how bad the case is and how long have they been tapping in to these split personalities and if its a

Who were the persons with split or multiple personality?

  If someone were to feel like they were fading from existence, and somehow imagine several others into being and play those parts, but block off the memories during those

What is it called when you have a split personality?

This is usually an act up from having schizophrenia. It can vary from 4 different types: Simple, Paranoid, Catatonic, and Hebephrenic. I personally think that this falls under

What illnesses cause split personalitys?

Well there is multiple personality disorder, which is when the person has multiple personalities obviously. They go into what they call their alters, so they have different pe

Do you have a split personality?

Obviously without knowing you one could not label you with a split personality. All people go through mood changes caused by hormones throughout their lives and it may seem li