What is the ACt score to get into EKU?

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Check out the link, "EKU Admission Requirements." http://www.eku.edu/futurestudents/requirements.php
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Is 25 a good ACT score?

It is a good score! But it really depends on what school you are trying to get into.. A state school: It is a very good score and you will be fine.. School more competative:

What is the act score out of?

The ACT test is out of 36. Getting a 36 is comparable to getting a 2400 on the SAT's. I would suggest taking both tests.

Can you convert act scores to IQ scores?

\nYes actually;\nthere are several websites out there, but I'll help the best I can:\n(Note: these are all "ish" and relative values for IQ/SAT/ACT scores so give or take some

Score for the ACT is 17 is that a good score?

It depends on where you plan on going for college . If you are applying to somewhere like Harvard or yale...then you should think about taking the ACT again. But this may be

How is a score of 21 on the ACT?

depending on the school you want to attend, if you want to attend an ivy league school you might wanna aim higher, but its exceptional
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Is 14 a bad score for the act?

It is pretty low. The best score you can get is a 36. The national average is around 22, so keep working.
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What do eku mean in English?

'eku' used to be a Japanese weapon, a bit like an oar 'écu' was, in various forms, a French coin