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What is the Advantages of shopping in shopping mall?

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Local, ability to see and have hands on examination of the product, human interaction regarding questions on the product, options to compare with a like for like, take away immediately, ability to return to store if an issue without waiting for postal services.
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What is the Advantage of shopping in malls?

The advantage of shopping in malls is that you will have a wide  selection to choose from. You will find variety at shopping malls  as opposed to a single store.   可

What is a shopping mall?

Shopping malls provide best shopping experience, social gatherings,  entertainments, Performances, Product launches, Promotions,  Festivals. The events list at Shopping Mall

Advantage and disadvantage of a shopping mall?

In this modern world where shopping malls make up a large portion of our concrite jungles , there has always been a debate between the advantages and disadvantages of a shoppi

Advantage and disadvantage of shopping malls?

Advantages It doesn't take much time to shop rather than travel many places outside. It has many shops for groceries , clothes , electronic gadgets , food , theaters ,etc Disa

What is the advantages of shop shopping center?

I think that in the winter u have indoor and also you could sell how much stuff u want. Shopping is a very go thing and there are lots of varies of thing in a shopping centre

Who shops in a mall?

I guess people who like to buy things

Advantages and disadvantages of shopping malls?

shopping malls have many different things in one building, but since it's so large it take a lot of money to maintain so the items are sometimes pricier. Foe instance one pizz

Disadvantages of shopping in shopping mall?

It undermines small family run business in city centre's and cause them to get less business because people are shopping in malls. This causes them to close and that family ca

Advantage of shopping mall?

1. A wide variety and range of products are available inside the said commercial building/shopping mall. 2. Usually, a map is placed or provided where you can locate the stor

Advantages of building a shopping mall?

advantages: no danger because theres lots of people different stores to choose from its fun always discounts fun and games for everyone from seniors to babys to adults to kids

3 disadvantages of shopping in a shopping mall?

well one deffinetly is that when you see something you really like and you ant have that one ecause its only on sale and it sends up bein out of stock umm another is when yo

What is the advantages of shopping in small shops?

You can choose, You can try, You can see, You can feel at the time  at shopping mall shops.    One  of  the  most  important  advantage  of  doing  shop