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Aryans were quietly peaceful, however if they need to battle (mostly for defense), they battle with the enemy's army and not with the people and never take spoil or destroy the cities and even sometimes did not change the ruler of the enemy's country.
they believed in good deeds, good thought and good speech (word).

New Archaelogical findinds have buried this theory of aryan Invasion.There was never an invasion of aryans. They were natives of India some 1500 B.C.Max Muller and british propagated this lie to show superiority of European race...
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Are kurds aryan?

Yes they are. Infact, the Kurds are probably the purest Aryans alive. They also formed the first Aryan empire called the Median empire.

Are brahmins aryans?

Yes the so called brahmins are aryans and have aryan blood in them.There alot living in south India Tamil nudu and other places in south India and alot are living in the north

Are hungarians Aryan?

Some or many Hungarians are related to Ancient Kamboj Clan a famous member was Cyrus! The North Indians of modern day Punjab are Ayran. The Swastrika is Sanskrit for Life-sign

Who are the Aryans?

The Aryans is the ancient most race who lived in India and followed Vedic Hindu religion.

Facts lending support to the Aryan Invasion Theory?

There is no actual proof to support the Aryan Invasion Theory. It  was a weakly-invented story created by the British when they went  to conquer India. The reason for the cr

Who were the ancient Aryans?

The ancient Aryans were people who spoke an Indo-Iranian language and lived in Persia and India during the Bronze Age, and before.

What influence did the Aryan invasion have in the ancient civilization of India?

First of all, it wasn't an Aryan Invasion. It was a Migration. The Aryans moved north from their homeland in South India around 40,000 BCE, according to DNA research. Some of

Who were the Aryans?

The Aryan race is a notion historically significant in European culture in the period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It was about people who had blond h
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Who were the Aryans. What did they do?

They basically brought Hinduism in a more bigger view at that time  and connected many gods ((including their own)) to the religion.  They were also bringers of knowledge ab