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What is the Aryan invasion theory?

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Aryans were quietly peaceful, however if they need to battle (mostly for defense), they battle with the enemy's army and not with the people and never take spoil or destroy the cities and even sometimes did not change the ruler of the enemy's country.
they believed in good deeds, good thought and good speech (word).

New Archaelogical findinds have buried this theory of aryan Invasion.There was never an invasion of aryans. They were natives of India some 1500 B.C.Max Muller and british propagated this lie to show superiority of European race...
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What is Aryan supremacy?

The belief that the Aryan race (Caucasian, Blonde-hair, blue-eyed Northern Europeans) are better than other human races (especially, in regards to the Jewish race).

What is theory?

A theory is a supposition or explanation based on observed data. It may or may not be true. A famous theory that the Earth was round, not flat, was proven only when ships sail

What is the aryan society?

The Aryan Society is what is known as 'The Perfect German'. This consists of blond hair, blue eyes, white Caucasian, and being a full blood German. :)

What are theories?

  explinations scientists came up with made up of fact

What is a theory?

A theory is a scientific principle, a suggested explanation for a  natural phenomena that is supported by well founded evidence and/or  repeatable experimental results.

Facts lending support to the Aryan Invasion Theory?

There is no actual proof to support the Aryan Invasion Theory. It  was a weakly-invented story created by the British when they went  to conquer India. The reason for the cr

Who were the Aryans?

The Aryan race is a notion historically significant in European culture in the period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It was about people who had blond h

Are Nepalis Aryans?

certain tribes in Nepal are believed to have migrated from Russia and central Asia in 2000 B.C. and are direct descendants of the Indo-Aryan race...
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Who were the Aryans. What did they do?

They basically brought Hinduism in a more bigger view at that time  and connected many gods ((including their own)) to the religion.  They were also bringers of knowledge ab

How did the aryans get to India?

This is a question which belongs to one of the most controversial topics in the modern history - 'The Aryans: their origin, culture and movements.'     It all got start

What were Adolf Hitler's racist theories about Aryans and Jews?

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in general believed that the races were  all of different quality. Specifically, they thought that the Aryan  race was the supreme race, and that