What is the CAG association for plumbers?

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membership organisation for plumbing and heating businesses who want professional support to help them be successful and prosper in an ever competitive and regulated market.
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What is a plumber?

One who deals with plumbing - water piping, taps, waste water pipes and similar.

What does a plumber do?

What a Plumber Does He takes care of all the sanitary and water pipelines . Some of the jobs that a plumber does involve installing the water supply and fuel supply systems

What is a cag in a bag?

A cag in a bag is like a 'pack a mac'- simply it is short for a cagoule in a bag. They are designed for travelling, festivals etc where it might rain and is a emergency waterp

Where can you be a plumber?

In most civilized countries where there is indoor plumbing and codes that protect the citizens from cross connections

What is a CAGS degree?

A CAGS is a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies degree which is earned after a person has a masters degree. These degrees have recently become popular in the field of edu

What element do plumbers associate with?

The word plumber derives from the Latin word plumbum, meaning lead. Plumbing was originally done with lead pipes, although those are now considered to be obsolete, and are mos