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"La famille" is the French word for family.
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French translation of we are family?

"We are family" is an expression that doesn't necessarily have an elegant translation in French. If the "we" in question is an entire family, you could say "nous sommes une fa

Is there a French royal family tree?

France has had three (3) Royal Families. They are the House of Bourbon (called the Legitimists after their over thrown in 1830), the House of Orleans(related to the House of B

How would you describe your family in French?

Well, firstly, it would depend on which family member you wished to talk about. My sister = Ma soeur, My brother = Mon frère, My mother = Ma mère, My father = Mon père. Yo

Friends and family welcomed in french?

One way to say it is...Bonjour mes memere.... which means Hello , our grandmother..." Now the way to pronounce that as an English speaker would be... Bonjour = Think of the wo
In Canada

Welcome my Canadian family in french?

I'll try to cover the possibilities: - direct translation: [I would like to] welcome my Canadian family -- [Je voudrais] accueillir ma famille canadienne. - speaking to your