What is the Italian Ferragosto holiday?

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It seems that Ferrogusto , Ferragosto, ferrogosto is a part pagan, part christian, part traditional celebration closely linked to the assumption of Mary Magdelene into heaven...wouldn't bet money on it though as opinions seem to be as varied as the spelling.
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What holidays do the Italians celebrate?

Actually the list is quite long. To see the whole list follow the related link, below.

What is 'Happy Holiday' in Italian?

Buona vacanza is an Italian equivalent of 'Happy Holiday'. The feminine adjective 'buona' is pronounced 'BWOH-nah', and means 'happy, fortunate'. The feminine gender noun

What is 'holiday' when translated from English to Italian?

Giorno festivo is an Italian equivalent of the English word "holiday." The masculine noun and adjective translate literally into English as "festive day," "non-working day,"

What holidays do Italian people celebrate?

January 1 : Capodanno (New Year's Day) 6 : Epifania/La Befana (Epiphany) 7 : Giornata Nazionale della Bandiera (Flag Day)---celebrated principally in Reggio nell'E

How do you wish happy holidays in Italians?

depends on the event eg: if is Easter its buona pasqua or if its Christmas its buon natale or if its their name day its bouna onimastico.

What is the Italian National Holiday?

The Italian national holiday is called 'Festa della Repubblica' and is celebrated on the 2nd of June. It commemorates the institutional when (by universal suffrage ) the

When is the Italian national holiday and what is it celebrating?

Observed Days *** ----------------------------------------------------------- Country Event 2010 ----------------------------------------------------------- Italy Ne

What is an Italian holiday?

holiday that comes from Italy for example La Befana is an Italian holiday which some thing like Christmas but instead of santa Claus theres this old witch called La Befana.