What is the Karnataka CET?

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The Common Entrance Test (CET) Karnataka is conducted by CET cell Bangalore, Karnataka. 10 +2 or PUC passed students writes this examination for the purpose of taking admission into Under Graduate Engineering / Technology / Architecture degree courses in the different engineering colleges / institutions across Karnataka. The admissions to engineering / architecture degree courses are purely made on the basis of CET merit of the candidate. A candidate has to study 4 years to purse a degree in engineering (B.E.) and 5 years to pursue a degree in architecture (B.Arch.)
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Can you get some simple cet question?

Yeah....as per the CET Questions concerned its almost late because CET exams are over...but i can help you for finding the answers for CET 2008 Questions ...Yes you can check out in www.cetcatalyst.com Website......

How can i get karnataka cet-2008 form?

The application form-cum-brochures will be supplied through thecolleges in which the candidates studied or appeared for theSecond-year PU examination. The cost of the application form is Rs550 (Rs 400 for SC/ST and Category-1 students) and the Demand Draft should be drawn infavor of the "Special Of (MORE)

What is CET stand for?

Depends on the context, but it's usually known as Information about the time zone; it's an abbreviation of Central European Time (CET).. rgds.

Who is the president of karnataka?

States doesn't have their own presidents. In India , head of any state is the governor & head of people government is the chief minister

Agriculture in karnataka?

The season is very harsh to my people. We struggle to live and resort to canabilsm more often than not. We only wish to grow the corn and make the children to live. Disease is a devil of our people. As is the white devil who come and rape our children. We choose to accept this and live in the peace (MORE)

When will CET karnataka 2009 form issue?

Karnataka CET - 2009 on April 29 and 30 . The Karnataka Common Entrance Test-2009 (CET-2009) will be held on 29 and 30 April 2009. This year, Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) has decided to hold the tests on two days. The time table for the same will be announced in a few days. Sometime dur (MORE)

Karnataka CET 2009 will be held on April 29 and 30. Is horanadu kannadiga eligible for sports quota in Karnataka CET?

Karnataka CET - 2009 on April 29 and 30 . The Karnataka Common Entrance Test-2009 (CET-2009) will be held on 29 and 30 April 2009. This year, Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) has decided to hold the tests on two days. The time table for the same will be announced in a few days.. Is horanad (MORE)

Is there any online course for Karnataka cet?

http://www.cetguru.com/courses.htm. http://mysore.locanto.in/ID_101750065/Mock-Test-ATMA-CAT-CET-Online-MBA-Part-Time-MBA.html. http://www.indiaedu.com/entrance-exams/common-entrance/. check the above links ....i think it helps for ur online karnataka CET....

Your son now studying at pu 2nd at Bangalore upto he studied at mah parents studied at karnataka he is sports per son get 3 medals at national level for karntaka is he eligible for cet sports quota?

he stuided upto 8th standard at Maharashtra.. 9th and 10th at Pune CBSC Board. mother stuided upto pre degree at Karnataka. father stuided upto college at Karnataka. boy is sports person getting 19 gold medals 6 silver medals at national level, in which he represented Karnataka state and earned (MORE)

Information of karnataka cet 2009?

You can get all information and up to date news about Karnataka CET 2009 in following websites:. 1. http://www.EducationBangalore.com/cet - Fast, uptodate and interactive. 2. http://kea.kar.nic.in - official Site.

Where is Karnataka?

karnataka is in India's south part Improved answer. Karnataka is a state in the south west of India, being formed in 1956 when the States Reorganisation Act was passed. Originally it was named as the State of Mysore but its name was changed to Karnataka in 1973.

Is mht-cet cancelled from 2010?

No, the entrance exam is not cancelled. This year the Test will be held on Thursday, 6th May 2010. For more information please see the related links section.

What is a customs cet exam?

A CET Exam is a physical examination of any import entering the territory of the United States. In particular CET stands for Contraband Enforcement Team. Should your import become subject to a CET Exam you can expect that it will be transported to a Customs Examination Station and undergo an actual (MORE)

How to study for mht cet?

Give equal importance to all subjects. Just because Mathematics has 100 marks does not mean that you concentrate more on it. Give equal importance to Physics and Chemistry. . Do not leave any topics as optional as questions will be asked from all topics. . In MHT-CET, every mark is important. . D (MORE)

What is 9 am EST in CET?

When it is 9AM in Eastern Standard Time or EST, it would be 3pm in Central European Time or CET. CET is 6 hours ahead of EST or 5 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time, or EDT.

When is mht-cet 2010 result?

according to the brochure the result is on 14th June. but the date can be preponed as the AIEEE results and std 10th results are ahead of schedule

What is 4 pm CET in EST?

At 4 PM Central European Time it's 10 AM Eastern Standard Time in parts of the Americas. At the same time in parts of Australia, it's 1 AM Eastern Standard Time and, from early October to early April, 2 AM Eastern Summer Time.

Which books for DEd CET Exam?

ded cet books are available in the market. for maths u can use spardha pariksha ganit guru.available in nasik and parbhani book stalls or u can purchase it by online calling 9420192704.for marathi mo.ra.walambe.for english pal and suri.for science 5th to 10th science book and ded old syllabus book a (MORE)

When do ded cet?

हे पहा d.ed cet हि २०११ ला होणार नाही आहे कारण २००९ cet च्या मधील निवडठ(MORE)

Is there Ded cet in 2011?

हे पहा d.ed cet हि २०११ ला होणार नाही आहे कारण २००९ cet च्या मधील निवडठ(MORE)

When do you use cet or cette in French?

Ce, cet and cette are demonstrative adjectives and they are used when you talk about something specific (like "this" or "that"). "Ce" is used when you're talking about something masculine (this dog: ce chien). "Cette" is used when you're talking about something feminine (this woman: cette femme). (MORE)

When is dted cet?

don't play with our emotions.i think cet will come in 22may 2022 so lage raho.try try but don't cry.

Which place is in karnataka?

There are many places in karnataka: Bidar Gulbarga Bangalore Fort and Tipu's Palace Chitradurga MysorePalace Hampi Dharmasthala Halebeedu Bangalore Palace Bijapur Somnathpur Kolar SrirangapatnaPattadakal Bellary Fort Aihole Belur Badami Shravana belagola

When will DEd CET conduct in 2012?

its may be 5/6th may to recive all info about D.T.Ed CET 2012 plz type in ur mob msg box JOIN SP7-DEDCET &send it to9870807070 its totaly free of cost...! try it onse

What is 10.30 pm EST in CET?

If you're referring to the Eastern Standard Time in North America, 04:30 (AM) CET. If you're referring to the Eastern Standard Time in Australia, 13:30 (1:30 PM) CET.

When is the MCA-CET?

I gave mah-mca-cet 2012. It was in march. Result was declared in april. Provisional and final merit list is displayed in may. And in june admission is going to start. So i guess every year it is same or little bit different. It doesn't change so much.

How do you get the cet ranking after passing supplementary?

Ms. Rashmi, in charge of Karnataka PUC Board has clarified that Supplementary students are not eligible for CET. Get the Provisional certificate authorized by respective college Principal & the PUC Board for eligibility through Comed K if you have taken an exam there. All the best

What time is 5PM IST in CET?

The time zone of CET is +1:00 and the time zone of IST is +5:30. So when the time in India is 5 PM, the time in CET would be 9:30 PM.

What time is 1am CET in pst?

Wed. at 1 AM CET = Tue. at 4 PM PST CET = Central European Time = UTC + 1 hour PST = Pacific Standard Time = Pitcairn Standard Time = UTC - 8 hours

What is the meaning of karnataka?

Karnataka can be defined as an Indian state. The region was populary referred to as ÔKamata deseÓ in Indian History. However, historically, the names Karatak or Cernatic have been misapplied to the regions beyond the Western Ghats (Kodagu and Kerala).

What type of testing is the CET Karnataka?

The CET Karnataka is a test that tests your ability in medical knowledge. In addition, the CET Karnataka tests your dental knowledge and also your engineering knowledge.

What does CET time zone stand for?

CET time zone stands for Central European Time. This is the time zone used for most of central Europe. There are a few different time zones in Europe, but this one is the most used.

What time is in US at 1200 CET?

1200 Central European Time (UTC+1) = 0100 Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (UTC-10) = 0200 Alaska Standard Time (UTC-9) = 0300 Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) = 0400 Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7) = 0500 Central Standard Time (UTC-6) = 0600 Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) Europe observes Summer Time from (MORE)