What is the Latin word for senior health?

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What is the Latin translation for health care?

veselības aprūpe . above is the Latvian translation of health care. . I got this information from the www.dictionary.com translator. . PS- I am not sure Latvian is th

What is the Latin symbol of good health?

The symbol of good health to the ancient Romans comes from the earlier, ancient Greeks. For it's a serpent entwined staff or rod. The staff belongs to the medicine practicin

What is the latin word for senior?

The word senior is actually Latin. It means older or - senior. If you mean 'senior' as in 'an elderly person', then 'senex' means 'old man'. 'anus' is the female equivalent,

What is the Latin translation for good health to you?

If you're wishing someone good health, simply say " Salve ". This is the singular imperative of the verb salvere , which means "to be in good health". If you're wishing good

What are the health benefits of balancing activities for Seniors?

There are many health benefits of balancing activities for seniors. . Balance activities typically focus on the muscles of your abdomen, lower back, hips, and legs. . Doin
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Where can one find out more about senior health?

If one is interested in the bodily health of himself or herself, or the bodily health of an other senior, he or she should contact a local health professional. If interested
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How can home health care help seniors?

Home health care can be beneficial to senior citizens because it is help that they can get in their homes. A home can have familiar surroundings and be more comforting than a