What is the Navajo word for angel?

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diyin yá naalʼaʼí , messenger from God
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What is the word for how are you in Navajo?

The WORDS that mean "How are you doing?": Hait'áo naniná? or Haa lá ánít'é? These are not really conversation starters but regarding the healthof person

What is the Navajo word for fire?

KÇ«' The mark under the O makes it nasalized like in the French word"bon". The mark at the end is the Navajo consonant called a glottalstop. We have it in the middle of "uh'

What is the Navajo word for storm?

Navajo has different words for different types of storm, as you would expect among people who traditionally spent much of their time outdoors in close contact with nature.

What is the Navajo word for you?

Mostly Navajo does the word "you" differently than in English.Usually it conjugates into the verb so you know from the verb if Iam talking abut "me", "you", "you" (two), or "y

How do you say the word stop in Navajo?

The Navajo word for stop is "assay". Kind of pronounced at-say Ibelieve. Well, Astee means "tail", and Átsé means "first". I'm not sure what word thiswould be. Stop!(

What is the Navajo word for Fighter Plane?

The Navajo language does not include a native word for fighter plane. In the Navajo code used in World War 2, the word used was dahetihhi , which means "humming bird" - th

How do you spell angel in Navajo?

diyin yá naalʼaʼí-- meaning a supernatural messenger. It is not a Navajo concept. The word was made up after contact with Christians.

How do you say angel in Navajo language?

It is diyin yá naalʼaʼí . Literally amessenger from god. Diyin means god or holy spirit being. The marksabove mean high tone. The marks between mean the glottal

What is the word for shy in Navajo?

TOH-BAH-HA-ZSID. (?) 'ádaa yinísht'į́ ---to be shy bíkásísti ' -- shy becuase one isover awed ádíkásísti' -- to become bashful or shy The

What is the Navajo word for am?

Navajo verbs do not work this way for the most part. There is noword for "am" on it's own. shił hózhǫ́-- means "I am happy". The shił means I am. bił -- woul