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What is the Navajo word for angel?

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diyin yá naalʼaʼí , messenger from God
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What is the Navajo word for Hello?

Yá'át'ééh, when you say it, it sounds a little like yaw'ah'tey Ya' at' eeh = good (original) Haala 'ahoodzaa? = traditional greeting

What does the word kayenta mean in Navajo?

Kayenta is thought to come from a earlier Navajo name for the are  recorded as Tye-nde by Father Haile in 1908 or so. He said it meant  "place where wild aninimals fall in"

What is the Navajo word for baby?

baby is: awééʼ  My baby is--- she'awééʼ   his/her/it's--- be'awééʼ   your baby-- ne'awééʼ

How do you say the word stop in Navajo?

The Navajo word for stop is "assay". Kind of pronounced at-say I  believe.   Well, Astee means "tail", and  Átsé means "first". I'm not sure what word this  would be.

What is the Navajo word for Fighter Plane?

The Navajo language does not include a native word for fighter plane. In the Navajo code used in World War 2, the word used was dahetihhi, which means "humming bird" - this

What is the Navajo word for infant?

awééʼ is someone's baby   Newborn is: awééchí'í   Last born or "baby of the family" is: lók'eeshchąą'í   my baby is: sheʼawééʼ   your baby: ne'w

What is the Navajo word for desk?

A small four legged table is: tsįįshdloozh a table you eat off of is: bikááʼ adání But that implies a surface to have eating on, in the word I'm not sure what a writ