What is the Philippine Trench?

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The Philippine Trench (also known as the Manila Trench) is a deep underwater trench that is caused by the collision of two tectonic plates (the Philippine Sea Plate and the Eurasian Plate) east of the Luzon island of the Philippines. The Eurasian Plate is subducting underneath the Philippine Sea Plate at a rate of approx. 16 cm/year. This tectonic activity causes most of the volcanic activity on Luzon, including the cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.
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What were the trenches like?

They were horrible; people hated being there! Diseases were rife, there was trench foot, the smell was terrible, and the soldiers were constantly cold, wet and dirty. Dead bodies lined the floors, which were covered with effluent. The trenches flooded frequently, and chlorine gas settled in them (MORE)

What is a trench?

Its where the soldiers in WW1 fought in.. and it was surrounded by dead bodies and the smell was horrible and shootings and bombings and shellings happened and it was just so.. HORRIBLE!!

What are trenches?

A trench is a hole that is much longer than it is wide, a narrow excavation. The usual applications of the term are: - the trenches used as manned fortifications, as in World War II - deep underwater chasms that typically mark the subduction of oceanic plates

What is the Philippines?

The Philippines i /ˈfɪlɨpiːnz/ fi -lə-peenz (Filipino: Pilipinas [ˌpɪlɪˈpinɐs]), officially known as the Republic of the Philippines (Filipino: Republika ng Pilipinas ), is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. To its north acros (MORE)

Where are trenches?

According to geology trenches are the deepest possible parts of an ocean floor that narrow's down into the earths interior. They are caused as a result of geological activities such as plate tectonics, due to the interference and collision of two opposite lithospheric bodies known as plates, while o (MORE)

What is trench fever?

trench fever was a moderatley serious disease caused by lice. It was a particularly painful disease that caused sudden pain (i.e. joint pain, muscle pain, rashes, severe headaches ) and was followed by high fever. soldiers with trench fever had to be sent away from the trenches to recover as it was (MORE)

How were trenches built?

Answer . Frontline trenches were usually about seven feet deep and six feet wide. The front of the trench was known as the parapet. The top two or three feet of the parapet and the parados (the rear side of the trench) would consist of a thick line of sandbags to absorb any bullets or shell fragm (MORE)

Where is the Philippines?

The Philippines is located in Southeastern Asia, an archipelago between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, east of Vietnam. It is located south of Taiwan, north of Malaysia, and separated from Vietnam to the west by the South China Sea. To its east is the Pacific Ocean. The Philippine (MORE)

What is Philippine?

Philippines is a country in South East Asia. Philippine is something that the Philippines owns.

What are the Philippines?

The Philippine archipelago is made up of 7,107 islands; favorably located in relation to many of Southeast Asia's main water bodies: the South China Sea, Philippine Sea, Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea, and Luzon Strait

What is a trenches?

Trenches were large ditches (hence "trench") dug into the ground. Soldiers would group together in trenches during battle and operate out of them as they attempted to take the enemy trenches.

Were trenches effective?

Yes and No. Yes in the sense that they protected soldiers safer form shells and bullets. No in the sense that they created a bloody stalemate and lengthened WWI by several years, costing millions of lives.

When were trenches used?

Trenches had been used during the US Civil War (1861-1865), and the Russian-Japanese War (1904-1905). However, WW1 (1914-1918) is the war most famous for "trench warfare."

What is a trench and how are they formed?

Geologic Trench Formation . In geology, a trench is a linear and relatively narrow valley created at the boundaries of two colliding plates. The valley is created by the subduction, or process of moving under, of the more dense plate. The valley can be created in oceanic plate to oceanic plate co (MORE)

What diseases did you get in trenches?

Some of the diseases you can get from trenches are, Shell Shock, Trench Foot, ICT (tummy bugs) and Lice. Lice can cause trench fever and typhus. People also can get burns and/or blindness from mustard gas.

How do you build a trench?

Dig a trench about five feet long and 3 feet deep. . Lay about 6 or 7 boards you can find across the end of the trench. . Find a piece of plywood about the area of all the boards and lay it on top of the boards. . Cover the plywood with the dirt from the trench, therefore camouflaging the whole t (MORE)

What is ocean trenches?

when two plates collide under compressional force, the denser plate bends when it subducts. This produces a deep and elongated trough called an ocean trench at the plate margin.Ocean trenches usually from the deepest part in an ocean.

What is a trench knife?

A trench knife is a specialized knife made specifically for the close quarter combat on World War 1. Most of the fighting took place in narrow trenches or on "no mans land" a trench knife, which consisted of a brass knuckle with a long blade permanently affixed to it was a handy weapon to have. The (MORE)

What is trench board?

A board placed at the bottom of a Trench for easier movement in the muddy conditions. :)

How do you describe what trenches are?

A trench is a hole in the ground; also called a ditch. Trench warfare was a tactic widely used during World War I, as a means of cover. Soldiers would dig long trenches spanning parallel, across the battlefield. During the fight; opposing forces would advance or retreat from trench to trench. (MORE)

What is trench composting?

Trench composting breaks down compostable materials where organic matter is needed, and will be used. A trench is typically dug a foot deep. Coarse material such as large sticks and tree branches may be placed on the bottom, if the trench is deep enough, and if need be. Kitchen scraps and yard waste (MORE)

What is a sandbag on a trench?

a sand bag isare bags filled with sand that were staked on top of each other to protect from enemy artilley or gun fire.

How deep were the trenches in trench warfare?

Trenches would be about 9ft deep and up to 6 ft wide. These trenches weren't that big considering that hundreds of soldiers would be there waiting for the moment in which they were attacked or when they would attack. These trenches would offer cover against bombs and grenades but wouldn't be a safe (MORE)

Why were trenches constructed?

To protect the soldiers! If you couldn't be seen and were below the top of the trench, you couldn't be shot. They started out as birms and foxholes and then they were connected so that the soldiers didn't have to expose themselves to the enemy to get to other locations.

What is a trench deadlock?

a trench deadlock is basically where both sides don't do anything (fighting wise) and end up in a deadlock so they either call a truce meaning they both sign a treaty to stop the war and call it a draw or one side decides to fight and most probably get killed by the other side.Hope this helps if not (MORE)

What is maranas trench?

IF you meant the Mariana trench - it's the deepest place on earth. It's a trench in the Earth's crust - lying off the Mariana Islands, in the Pacific ocean. It is deeper than Mount Everest is high ! See related link for more details.

What is a trench cycle?

Typically, a battalion would be expected to serve a spell in thefront line. This would be followed by a stint spent in support, andthen in reserve lines. A period of rest would follow - generallyshort in duration - before the whole cycle of trench duty wouldstart afresh. Inreality the cycle was det (MORE)

Why was there water in the trenches?

The trenches were filled with water because when it rained if they didn't pile the sides up with sand and supported the sides would slip and make mud puddles at the bottom of the trench.

What would be in the trench?

There was a point in WW1 where the war had reached a sort of stalemate where neither sides left their trenches. This caused the trenches to be huge and deep as the men had to live there. Fire steps and scaling ladders were needed to enable troops to look over the trench. Trench toilets called latri (MORE)

What is a trench gun?

A trench gun was a shotgun used in WW1 by allied forces, a Winchester Model 1897 to be specific. It was so effective in its' military use Germany attempted to have it banned from warfare for causing unnecessary suffering.

Why trenches is important?

A reason I can think of in which soldiers used trenches for is to take cover from machine gunfire. Also, the correct title is why trenches ARE important. Not is.

What were trench blocks?

trench blox were blox of trenches designed to block trenches from being blocked. If a trench was going to be bloxed then a trencher (noun: Someone who makes trenches) would quickly make a blox of trenches and shout; "El blox, trencherijee" which is latin for;"No you don't, this trench shall be bloxo (MORE)

I am from the Philippines?

if you have black hair when you are born, you are a filipino. My family( Olegario ) is from the philippines and have many traditions. Kumustaka

What are military trenches?

Military trenches were large dugout areas that were utilized onboth sides of the military. Sometimes the trenches went on forhundreds of miles. The trenches were used for defense and cover,and were protected by barbed wire to ward off attacks. The trencheswere also used to run communications, food, (MORE)