What is the air combat victory ratio of the F-15C?

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What war has the most air combat?

Manned flying machines (not balloons, gliders or parachutes) used in combat began about 1911 with the Italians.. 1. WWI (1914-1918) was the first general war involving mass n

What was the longest air combat in the history?

The longest jet dog-fight was between a US Marine pilot flying an F8 Crusader against a NVAF MiG17 during the Vietnam War. The Crusader's 20mm guns jammed and he stayed with t

What is the F-14s air to air combat record?

The F14 Tomcat shot down a jet or two during quick operations under President Reagan in the 1980s but no US jet, since Vietnam, has shot down 5 or more jets in aerial combat g

How did the air force combat the blitz?

The "Battle of Britain" was nearly identical to the US air offensive against North Vietnam during the Vietnam war. During the battle of Britain German twin engine bombers and

How many air combat victories was the red baron credited with?

He was officially credited with 80 downed aircraft. He shot down some aircraft that he did NOT receive credit and some say he was given credit that he did not down---his wingm

How do you combat dry air in a house?

A central, furnace mounted, humidifier works well and for difficult areas portable humidifiers (large capacity) work well (remember to clean them frequently.)

Who has the lock on modern air combat?

The lock to modern air combat would most likely be the United States of America. With one of the worlds largest and strongest militaries in the world, it is considered the mos

What does air to air combat refer to?

Air to air combat refers to an air battle between two or more planes. The main aim is for one plane to destroy one or more enemy planes to win a battle.
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IPhone 5c vs. iPad air which is the best?

It really depends on what you want to use it for. If you need a new phone, obviously the iPhone is probably going to be the most convenient (and ultimately most cost-effective