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What is the antonym for technology?

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Stone Age, the Flintstones, undeveloped, third world
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What is an antonym?

The opposite of something.

What can technology do?


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What is technology?

Technology is a way to apply science to solve problems in society.

What is the antonym of we?

The opposite of the first person, plural pronoun 'we' is 'they' or 'you'.

What is an Antonym for when?

There is no opposite of "when" (location in time). There is non-guaranteed occurrence indicated by the word "if."

What technology can do?

technology is the sciencetific knowleadge(eg:I-PHONE)technology makes human live easy like phone we dont need to go to friend house and tell him just call him thats technology

What are the antonyms?

Of what? An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. So up is the antonym of down, for instance.

What is technology'?

There are two ways to answer this one, and it's up to you to choose which one sounds right. First: Technology is any modern device that is greatly influential in the world. Se