What is the antonym for technology?

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Stone Age, the Flintstones, undeveloped, third world
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What is an antonym for allowed?

An antonym for the adjective allowed (permitted) would be prohibited, or disallowed. Other similar terms are banned and proscribed. As a past tense verb, the opposite of allow (MORE)

What is the antonym of stolen?

Stolen means "taken without right or permission," and so its antonyms would mean "acquired with right or permission," for example bought, given, inherited etc.   I think th (MORE)

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What is an antonym?

An antonym of a particular word is one that has the opposite meaning. An antonym is usually an adjective or adverb, but can include verb forms such as "coming / going", "leadi (MORE)

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What is an Antonym for when?

There is no opposite of "when" (location in time). There is non-guaranteed occurrence indicated by the word "if."
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What is antonym of solstice?

Answer: The opposite of a solstice is an equinox. Non-technical explanation: The solstices are the longest day and longest night of the year. Equinoxes are the days of e (MORE)

What is technology?

Technology, as its name suggests, is the study of techniques based  on former ones whose goal is to improve the way that a determined  object works. Nothing can be invented (MORE)