What is the antonym for technology?

Stone Age, the Flintstones, undeveloped, third world
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What is the antonym of atheist?

Answer   The antonym of atheist is theist. An atheist is someone who does not believe that god(s) exist, or that there is no reason to believe that they exist. A theist i (MORE)
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What are the antonyms for 'relativism'?

the antonyms for relativism is realism. relativism means that concept of good / bad, wrong /right is relative to society and it varies from one to another society. on the othe (MORE)

What is the antonym of stolen?

Stolen means "taken without right or permission," and so its antonyms would mean "acquired with right or permission," for example bought, given, inherited etc.   I think th (MORE)

Technology Transfer: An Overview

Over the course of time, technology has advanced at varying rates. However, after the Industrial Revolution, technology began to advance at a rapid rate. Beginning in the Info (MORE)

History of the Vacuum Tube

There are many underlying technologies that help people every day. Most people don't even know they are there. The vacuum tube is one of those technologies. While many believe (MORE)

What is antonym of solstice?

Answer: The opposite of a solstice is an equinox. Non-technical explanation: The solstices are the longest day and longest night of the year. Equinoxes are the days of equa (MORE)

What is the antonym for pillar?

It is a mistake to think that all words have antonyms; most don't. In the case of the word pillar, there is no exact opposite, although there are architectural alternatives to (MORE)

What are antonyms?

Antonyms are words that have opposite (or nearly opposite) meanings. Not all antonyms will be opposites in every context or use.Examples:up-downday- nightstop-goright-left / r (MORE)

What is an antonym?

An antonym of a particular word is one that has the opposite meaning.An antonym is usually an adjective or adverb, but can include verb forms such as "coming / going", "leadin (MORE)

Technology Business Ideas

Over the past several decades, the business world has experienced a technological revolution. Many of the most profitable companies in the world could not have existed 20 year (MORE)