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What is the average cost per square foot to install roof?

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It depends on the type of roof. A single story low pitch asphalt shingle roof will cost around $40 - $80 per square (100 sq. ft.) to tear off and $75 - $100 per square to install new shingles. If the plywood sheathing underneath is damaged, it will cost extra, up to $50 per sheet replaced. Some contractors charge for flashing chimneys ($150 - $300) and pipes ($25). All labor performed on steep pitch roofs (7/12 and higher) will be about 10% or 15% higher. Two story housed may be 5% to 10% more. Other types of roofing have a wide range of prices. It really depends on which state you live and how steep the roof is and how many roofs already are on the house.
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