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What is the average miles a person drives in a week?

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What is the Average grocery bill per week for one person?

That is hard to say, depends on what you typically eat and drink regularly. My wife and I do pretty well at $95 a week, and that includes the cleaning and pet supplies. That d

How often should a person burp on average each week?

There is no "average" for the number of burps a person may have in a day or a week. Burping is often caused by the amount of air swallowed when eating. One cure is to eat sl

How fast does the average person drive?

5 mph over the limit

Average time for they average person running 3 miles?

it actually takes as long as as it takes you to run, ive started training for a month now as im joining the ROYAL AIR FORCE Regiment as a gunner, which requires high physical

Average amount of miles driven per week?

On average every American driver drives approximately 230 miles per  week. This equals out to be around 12,000 miles each year.  Americans have some of the highest average d