What is the average size of a FLAC file?

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about 29 MB
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What is the average size of a .wma song file?

Answer . Hi,. Bit rate is what determines the file size of any audio files(uncompressed or compressed).wma is a compressed audio format (lossy compression) so if you go f

What is flac file and which program opens it?

FLAC, stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It's a Lossless codec,which means that the resulting data from a transcode beexactly/close to same as the original. Many uncommon

What is the average computer file size?

Depends on the document. A small Word document should only take a 2 or 3 KB, a music track takes about 3Mb and a picture takes less than 1MB on average.

Do FLAC files work in iTunes?

Yes, but its very very limited. You need the "Xiph components for QuickTime", but its not really worth doing. Because that will only let you play flac files that are in an 'og

How do you open flac files on mac?

Theres quite a few media players for OS-X that support .flac. Mplayer, VLC, Cog al have native .flac support. iTunes can play flac files, with a utility called 'fluke'-

Do FLAC files work on an mp3 player or must i convert them?

Don't think Flac files work on an mp3 player. There is a way you can use flac files as mp3 files by converting them to mp3 format. Here are the instructions on how you can con

Can Oppo BDP83 play Flac Files?

No, none of the Oppo DVD or Blu-Ray players can currently play FLAC files. The company states they are looking into including that functionality in the future, however. The da