What is the basic principle of Generator excitation?

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The basic principle of generator excitation is that once the gasket of tie generator is being checked, the generator excits as if the block is not inserted. By egbebu emmanuel
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What is the basic principle of the steam turbine that can be used to drive generator to produce electricity?

A gas turbine extracts energy from a flow of hot gas produced by combustion of gas or fuel oil in a stream of compressed air. It has an upstream air compressor (radial or

What if the generator loss excitation?

A loss of excitation will cause the generator to start drawing more and more reactive power over time. Over the first few seconds, and until about thirty seconds after the LOE

Principle of generator?

Electromagnetic induction is the principle of generator. This mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

What is a basic principle?

Basic principles are ideologies that guide a school of thought or for that matter an entire institution.These are laid down by thinkers or the heads of an institution.It can b

What basic working principle of AC generator?

The basic principle of ac generator is electromagnetic induction when a coil of a conductor moves in a magnetic field the electrons in it starts moving because of attraction a

What is the principle of a generator?

The scientific principle on which generators operate was discovered almost simultaneously in about 1831 by the English chemist and physicist, Michael Faraday , and the Amer

What is a exciter generator?

It's part of a larger generator that uses field windings (typically on the rotor or spinning part of the generator) instead of permanent magnets to create an electromagnet. Th

What is a separately excited DC generator?

A separately-excited dc generator is a dc generator whose field magnet winding current is supplied by an external dc voltage source. For comparison, a self-excited dc gener

What the function of exciter generator?

A Large electrical generator has a field winding which requires power from somewhere, so you often see a second smaller generator mounted on the genreator backshaft. This is t
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What is meant by excitation of a generation?

In a generator there should be residual magnetism to start the voltage production . However maintaining the voltage level is a little more complicated because of drift when lo
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What is the basic principle of time base generator?

many digital electronics require some notion of time passing to operate. For example a time of day clock requires a signal of one second to update the time signal which is bas
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How does the exciter in the generator works?

A large alternator needs a DC supply to feed to the rotor windingsthrough slip-rings. If the supply comes from a DC generator on thesame shaft, that is the exciter.
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What is the excitation of the generator?

The rotor must have a magnetic field in order to generator voltagein stator winding. The exciter circuit generates this DC filed inthe rotor.
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What is the excitation of a generator?

Generator has a rotor and stator. To produce voltage on statorterminals, the rotor must have a magnetic field, while it rotates.This magnetic field is given by the excitation