What is the basic principle of digital television?

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Digital television is simply the process of broadcasting a digital signal, instead of an analog one. This results in better sound and picture quality, as well as increased coverage.
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Can you convert a TV to digital TV?

It is not possible to convert an analog television to a digital television. However, by using a digital set top receiver, it is possible to receive digital signals and deliver

What is the scientific principle for tv?

Most simplistically, it works on radio waves, invisible wave lengths that can be picked up by receivers and translated into electronic signals that control displays on a "pict

Why do you have to get digital television?

Older TV sets use analog signals. In February, all TV signals that are now analog will become digital because it gives more efficient use of the bandwidth. Analog sets will no

Is a tv digital?

Check the user's manual. Most TVs made in the last 2 years are digital. For sets older than that, you can find out by going to the manufacturer's web site.

What is a basic principle?

Basic principles are ideologies that guide a school of thought or for that matter an entire institution.These are laid down by thinkers or the heads of an institution.It can b

How do you film a reasonably impressive tv advert using a basic digital camera?

design or plan out what you want your advertisement to look like first, look for free images and or videos fo what you might need or want to add to your advertisement, have di
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If you have digital television do you need a Digital TV antenna?

No you don't, if you have a good reception with your analogue antenna you can connect it to your Digital TV and it will allow you to see digital channels including HDTV. There
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What are the principle on which tv works?

SCANNING is the principle on which TV (Television) works . Electron Gun in side Television fires electron beams from top to bottom onto the Phosphor coated screen to produce i