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When buying computers, ignore brands and look at the specification of the machine. Ask advice from someone you know, not a salesman. Consider what it will be used for and the machine can be tailored to your needs.

Just so you know, macs can get viruses. I actually witnessed one first hand before! Personally, I perfer Windows over Mac. Windows 7 was the best OS I have ever had. I believe they are much faster than Macs. Here are a list of pros and cons for both OS. (P.S Linux's stock is terrible!)

• Malware is rare

• Has good built-in programs

• High quality built in camera in some models

• Better picture editing and cropping

• Battery can easily be replaced

• Time machine is effective.

• No built-in antivirus

• Requires special hardware

• Activity Monitor often does not work

• Low amount of Antiviruses.
• Some windows models come with Windows Defender.

• Majority of games and programs run on Windows.

• More customization.

• Can upgrade computers for free using an .iso

• Has Task Manager

• Higher quality picture
• Malware is common

• Error messages sometimes get annoying.

• High CPU

• Picture editing sucks.

• Easier to manipulate files
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What computer company is the best to buy from?

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Windows Definitely Windows does not make computers, nor does Microsoft. However Dell, HP, Lenovo, eMachines and other companies also make computers which Microsoft does not. O