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There are no best Martial arts. What is "best" is always a matter of opinion. What makes a Martial Art system effective and successful in real-life self defense depends mostly on the quality of instruction, and the skill and ability of the student to perform it correctly.
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What is the best Martial Art for seniors and people with back issues?

I agree with Sensei Swarthout. I began my study at age 37 and  earned my Black Belt in 2012. I have Multiple Sclerosis and  teach Self Defense classes. May I suggest Seniors

What is the best martial art to learn?

The best choice of martial arts for a person to learn is determined  by what interest the individual most. There are other factor to  consider as well including the time a p

What is the best martial art for women?

Most would agree that "Aikido" would be best for women. It requires  little to no strength. In Japan, the Tokyo Riot Police women are  required to have a black belt in Aikid

What is the best martial art for a shorter person?

For shorter fighters, the recommended martial arts are the softer ones such as Judo, Jujutsu, Aikido, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Hapkido, Shuai Jiao, and many others, particularly be

What is the best martial art for havyweights?

Muay Thai kickboxing is best for someone in the heavy weight category for training speed, power and endurance. For extremely heavy body types, Greek Pakration or Russian Sambo

What is the best martial art for a big man 6ft4 270 pounds who isn't that athleticaly talented?

Bear in mind that any legitimate system of Martial Art, and any good school is going to be beneficial to a person regardless of age, gender, size, or even physical abilities.
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What is the best martial art for the mind and body?

The one that you will practice regularly. The specific style doesn't really matter, it is more important to find a good instructor and something you can practice for life. And

What is the best martial art for an older woman whose goal is fitness more than self defense?

I am an older woman who has recently researched the subject of a program that would provide the most bang for my buck, so to speak. If I'm going to make the effort, I want the

What is the best martial art for self defense I live in Quezon City Philippines where could I enroll or train?

What is "best" is always a matter of opinion. Each established  system of Martial Art is designed to provide effective self defense  skills that will consistently work if th