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What is the best needle to use for tattooing a large tribal design?

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Use anywhere from a 3-7RL, and then switch up to a large mag. Also, make sure that the machine that's packing it is set up for a nice long stroke.
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What size tattoo needle is use for a portrait?

You will want to set up no less than 3 machines for a portrait, but 4 would be better. You will set up a liner with a 3RL needle, and this will be used VERY little. The downfa

What needle do you use when colouring a tribal tattoo?

for tribal tattoos you should use a nice defined line for outline with say at least a 5RL or you can use a 7RL and then fill in your black with a 9 mag. 14 mag needles are goo

How large are the needles used for EMG test?

When discussing needle size we can look at two characteristics: length and diameter. The length of the needle used can vary based upon the examiner's preference or how much

What needle should you use to colour tribal tattoos?

This is totally dependent on the size of the piece that you are doing, the bigger the piece, the bigger the needle set. Typically, I like to fill tribal with a round shader as

What needle to use to outline a tattoo?

A single needle is normally used for tattoo outlines.

What needles do you use for coloring tattoos?

You can use many types of needles for colouring a tattoo, just depends on the layout and space you have to work with and the effect you are going for. If its a tribal piece yo

Which needle to use for colouring tattoo?

It all depends what sized area you are coloring. Think of needles like paint brushes, different sizes do different things. Use this rationale to save you and your prospective

Can you use an expired tattoo needle?

Of course you can!But why even take a chance as cheap as they are get some new ones.
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What size tattoo needle do you use in shading?

13RM, 15RM neddles suit for my works, esp for smooth and even greys. must me low curved config magnums, like fan brush, but lower curve. For better result, Soft Edge Magnu
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What are the best needles to use for oldschool tattoos?

It's all a matter of opinion, but for more traditional tattoos, you will want to use a thick line which means that you will want to use nothing smaller than a 7RL. Having a sm
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What needle do you use first for tattoo?

That all depends what you are trying to do. A lot of basic tattoos will have the line work done first and then the fill (obviously). So, you would first start with a liner nee