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What is the best needle to use for tattooing a large tribal design?

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Use anywhere from a 3-7RL, and then switch up to a large mag. Also, make sure that the machine that's packing it is set up for a nice long stroke.
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Do they use needles when you get a tattoo?

Yes. How else would they get pigment below your skin? They use needles, such as this 100 round premanufactured one. http://www.painfulpleasures.com/xcart/customer/product.php?

Can you use a sewing needle for a tattoo?

Yes, you actually do the pricking with the needle and then you use ink to smear over it. But it won't last like a true tattoo would. Go to a professional to do it! Don't do it

Which needle to use for colouring tattoo?

It all depends what sized area you are coloring. Think of needles like paint brushes, different sizes do different things. Use this rationale to save you and your prospective

What is a 5m tattoo needle used for?

I assume you're referring to a 5 Magnum needle configuration. 5 Mag's are used for shading and coloring or "filling in". It is a very versatile configuration that also allows
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What size tattoo needle is use for a portrait?

You will want to set up no less than 3 machines for a portrait, but 4 would be better. You will set up a liner with a 3RL needle, and this will be used VERY little. The downfa