What is the boiling point of hydrogen astatide?

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In all probability, it has not been experimentally determined due to the extraordinarily small quantities in existence. However, by extrapolating data from other hydrogen halides, namely HCl HBr and HI, which boil respectively at -85, -66 and -34 degrees C, one could reasonably expect that HAt would boil around -5 degrees C (+/- 5 degrees).
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Boiling point of hydrogen?

Hydrogen exists at room temperature as a gas. Its boiling point is-423.2 degrees Fahrenheit, or -252.9 degrees Celsius.

Why hydrogen bond has high boiling point?

Hydrogen bonds occur when the hydrogen atoms are positively charged because they attract neighbouring electrons.This means the hydrogen atom is shared between 2 molecules whic
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What is the boiling point of hydrogen gas at STP?

1) Hydrogen GAS does not boil, simply because a gas is beyond the boiling stage. 2) STP (Standard Temperature and Pressure) is a set variable. Therefore, this question is sy