What is the code for Philips universal remote for lg plasma tv?

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I am not sure what model of LG plasma TV that you have, but you will probably find the remote instructions for the remote that you have at: http://www.remotecentral.com This website hosts remote control codes for almost all universal remote controls.
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I have a Philips universal remote control. Can anyone please tell me the code for setting my Curtis Mathis televisions?

\n. \n CURTIS MATHES ............ 002, 103, 112, 502, 506, 512, 601, 701, 704 Note : with some Philips remotes you must enter a 4 digit code so just add a zero before entering any of the numbers above. That's what worked for me. Enter like that: 0002, 0103, 0112, 0502, 0506, 0512, 0601, 070 (MORE)

What is the universal remote code for a haier tv?

I found the answers below did not work with our Haier TV (model15HL25S). I proceeded to go one by one through our remote's (SanyoRMT-U340) TV codes and found that the 'AOC' brand code works forour Haier TV. --- I looked on the Net for about two hours, including the answerbelow. While the answer bel (MORE)

What are the codes for Philips universal remote cl035a?

Although the sticker in the battery compartment says CL035A, the model of the remote is actually a SRU3007. It's a big button remote. Here are the links: Complete Owner's Manual, including instructions for programming the remote, and a list of all of the codes: Navigation Instructions for the Wa (MORE)

What are the Remote control codes for lg tv?

I was able to get my two LG tv's to work using a Goldstar code 1018 (power, volume and mute). Apparently LG used to be Goldstar. Mine was using a Cisco tv remote control unit.

Codes for Philips ph601s universal remote?

I have a ph601s pphillips universal remote and have lost my code book. I have a variety of products ran off this one remote so I need the total listing. Please help, I have gotten no where dealing with Phillips they keep sending me to their site that does not list my remote. My email is generalist19 (MORE)

Olevia 537H LCD TV universal remote codes?

Such codes are generated by the universal remote manufacturer rather than the TV manufacturer. As such, the actual codes will differ from one remote to another. Regretfully, Olevia TV's (for the most part) use proprietary infrared frequencies. This means that the code for another TV brand will not w (MORE)

What is the Emerson jumbo universal remote code for a dynex tv?

Ok it took me a long time to figure this out but i got it.. the correct code is 135 and i was shocked to learn that almost every button actually works with that code. i was looking on the internet for days and never got my answer but i found it so i had to share it.. enjoy

What is the Universal remote codes for apex tv?

It depends on the brand of remote you are using. You will need to check your users manual. If there is no code for your paticular brand most brands have codes for others. Alternatively if your remote has it you could use the Auto search feature.

What are the codes for a Philips universal remote for sylvania tv?

Try 0054. Let me expand my answer to be a little more helpful. Some remotes need a 5 digit code, some need a 4 digit code. Above is a 4 digit code, The 5 digit code would be 10054. Some remotes automatically put in the 1.. Bearing that in mind, I have found more sylvania codes: I will give the 5 d (MORE)

I have a rcr312w universal remote. What is the code for an Orion tv?

10236 10463 11463 *Unfortunately, none of these worked for my Orion TV, because the remote just isn't compatible with all models (even some of the fairly new ones). If you try all these on your Orion TV to no avail, chances are you have the same issue. I'm returning mine to try another brand that (MORE)

What are the codes for a Philips universal remote CL043?

I have a magnavox convertor box and I am trying to program it to my6 toshiba tx with a philips universal remote. what is the code. They don't actually list any converter boxes but the cable box is 0150 or use the brand search method. Hold the code search button in until it stays on, then press an (MORE)

What are the codes for a Philips remote when you have a sanyo tv?

The codes relate to the tv set and not the remote. Google the set or sanyo and you will get the code. You then need a universal remote to programme to that code or the instructions for the Philips remote to see if that can be reprogrammed. Again Google Philips and the make.

What is the codes for a RCA universal remote for a Philips tv?

It would depend on the model of the remote, the large majority can and when searching for the model number of the remote, some have 2 model numbers associated with them. If you can't find a number, there are web sites with 1000+ pictures to compare and using their filters you can narrow your search (MORE)

Codes for Newstar universal tv remote?

There are hundreds of codes for the Newstar universal TV remote.The codes for the Alleron television is 051. The codes for Audiovoxis 053. The codes for Bradford is 053. There are many websites thatoffer these codes.

What is the Yamaha universal remote code for a dynex tv?

Hope this helps anyone like myself that was trying to set the remote codes on a Yamaha Receiver remote for a Dynex TV. I have a 32" Dynex in a second viewing area that I wanted to control with the RAV367 remote from my Yamaha RX-V1800 AV Receiver. I went through dozens of codes gathered from numerou (MORE)

How can a Philips universal remote cl015 activate a toshiba TV?

On your philips controller look for Code search. Once you find it hold it down intil the red light is solid. Once it is turn on the TV and start pushing the power button on the controller. Notice that the light will blink because it is searching for a TV. It should work if it dose'nt contact me at D (MORE)

Where can one get a lg plasma tv?

"There are several places to get an LG plasma tv. Best Buy, Sears, and Wal-Mart all carry them. You can get them in store or online. There are online only places that carry them such as amazon, and ebay. LG also has their own site so you can buy from them."

What are the lg tv codes for a dish network 20.1 remote?

Here are the codes associated with your LG TV: 627, 505, 520, 553, 773, or 718. I have also provided instructions on how to program your Dish remote to your TV. Thanks. Address Remote to TV/Other Devices . While at the device location (TV, etc), point the remote at the device. Press and hold th (MORE)

Need the code o remote Philips for tv?

Your best bet is to go directly to the manufacturers website. You will need your TV model number which can be found on the Television itself, or on your manual. Link is posted in related links (located below):

Vivo plasma 46inch tv remote code?

There are dozens of Vivo plasma, 46-inch TV remote codes. You canfind a full list to match the model of remote you have on theRemote Code List website.