What is the contraction for he had?

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Can you get out of a contract?

If both parties are in agreement to the terms. Otherwise any written contract, signed by both parties, must be kept.

What is the contraction of who are?

Who're. Contractions are always informal - they are governed by rules no more strict than slang or colloquialisms. In fact, some contractions are colloquial. To claim that a

What is contraction for have you?

There is no contraction for this pair of words. If you aren't worried about using slang you might use the term 'got' instead: rather than: "Have you an xxx?" try "Got an xxx?"
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What is the contraction of it is?

The correct contraction of "it is" is "it's". Some people often get confused between "it's" and "its". It's is the contraction of it is, whereas its is possessive. Fo
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What is the contraction of where did?

"Where'd" can be a contraction of either "where did" or "where would": Now, where'd I put it? I just had it five minutes ago. Where'd you like to go for dinner?
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Is there a contraction for she did?

Yes there is. She'd is the contraction for 'she did', 'she could', or 'she would'. Example sentence: When we went to the movies, she'd pay for the sodas and I'd pay for t