What is the crack of a whip?

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The crack of the whip is the air molecules trying to push through each other and around each other after the tip of the whip breaks the speed of sound.
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Why does a whip crack?

Answer . A whip cracks because when it is "whipped" properly, the end of the whip actually breaks the sound barrier. By swinging the whip back and then jerking it forward i

How does a bull whip crack.?

A bullwhip cracks because it has small like strings on the end of it , when you make a certain motion these strings go so fast that they break the sound barrier(triggers sound

How does a bull whip crack?

A whip will produce a cracking sound if part of the whip moves faster than the speed of sound. This produces a miniature sonic boom. A whip will produce a cracking sound if p
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What are the different ways to crack a whip?

Circus or ringmaster crack slow figure 8 fast figure 8 underhand crack thumb flip crack overhand crack backward crack behind the back crack under the feet crac