What is the definition of gelatinisation?

Gelatinisation is when starch grains (rice,flour,pasta) are mixed with a liquid and heated, the starch then heats and explodes and eats the moisture, this results in the jumping of the liquid.

Be care ful when things are 'gelatinising' , as touching it can easily burn your hand!!!

(When the starch granules are heated to about 60degrees they start to swell. But gelatinisation is not complete until boiling point is reached. If heating is continued, the granules will swell to 5 times their normal size. This thickens the liquid.)

Examples of gelatinisation; pancakes,rice smilies,steaks, lemon meruinge pie.
Gelatinisation sauces ; white sauce, custard, strawberry sauce, egg custard.
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