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What is the difference between Gala and Royal Gala apples?

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Somebody please tell us! I just took 5 bong hits and I really want to know. This apple is a Gala, but I'm not really digging it. Maybe I should have gotten the Royal?
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How do you pollinate a gala apple tree?

  Granny Smith is a good pollinator for Gala and Royal Gala...and many other varieties as well. Jonathan may also be appropriate. The idea is to have another apple floweri

Where is the Gala Apple Tree native to?

    I'm not sure the Gala Apple tree is native anywhere. It's hybridized just like all the rest. If you planted the seed, you wouldn't get a red, juicy apple like we

How do you pronounce Gala apples?

Gala apples can either be pronounced with a long "a", such as  "gay-la", or with a short a, such as "gal-la", but the stress is on  the first syllable either way.
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Where can you find gala apples at?

most grocery stores sell gala apples. Also, side note, adding "at" to a sentence doesn't make it a question. "where can you find gala apples" is more grammatically correct...
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Can you cook with gala apples?

Yes and you don't need to add so much sugar as cooking apples...bit more fiddley but great in French apple pies. Ideal to use for babies weaning stewed down or in combination