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What is the difference between a Act and Statutory instrument?

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An Act of Parliament is substantive legislation whereas a Statutory Instrument is subsidiary or delegated legislation.
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What is difference between legal and statutory reserves?

Answer: legal and statutory reserves There is no difference. Both  legal and statutory reserves are reserves that must be maintained  by law. The previous answer ("Legal res

What is the difference between the constitution and statutory law?

Constitutional law sets forth the limitations of government, and ensures the inalienable rights of human beings. It is the only law that free men and women are obligated to f

Differences between statutory books and non-statutory books?

statutory book Requires under the Companies Act 1956, the company must keep and maintain the statutory books of the registered company. which it includes any register or othe

What is the difference between statutory and mandatory?

  Statutory means by statute. A statute is a law which is written down.   Mandatory means you must. A statute make make certain behaviours mandatory, such as stopping f

What is the differences between common law and statutory offences?

Common Law Offenses are offenses are those acts which violate decisions made by Judges, through courts and similar venues, or decisions made in case law. Statutory offenses

What is differences between internal and external statutory audit?

An Internal audit is performed by employees of your own company, usually by employees who are subject matter experts. Internal audit results are usually taken under considerat

What the difference between statutory and non statutory valuation?

Statutory valuation = this is a product of an act of law, I.e when a statute is specify the method that should be adopted in determining the value required for instance the la