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What is the difference between a Act and Statutory instrument?

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An Act of Parliament is substantive legislation whereas a Statutory Instrument is subsidiary or delegated legislation.
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What is the What is the difference between act and ordinance?

Generally speaking, an 'act' is an action or event of some kind,  while an 'ordinance' is a particular kind of act: it is a legal or  political ruling or law made by an auth

What are the difference between statutory and regulatory?

Statutory refers to laws passed by the state of federal government. Regulatory means a rule issued by some agency that the government has given authority to regulate an indust

Difference between equipment and instrument?

Equipments (also called as Tools) are the devices required to perform and/or expedite a task. There are various types of tools including cutting tools, moving tools, shaping t

What is the difference between statutory and regulatory requirements?

Organizations must comply with statutory requirements by law.  Whereas regulatory requirements may or may not have been legally  set forth. They are generally used to manage

What the difference between statutory and non statutory valuation?

Statutory valuation = this is a product of an act of law, I.e when a statute is specify the method that should be adopted in determining the value required for instance the la

What is the difference between statutory audit and management audit?

statutory audit is one conducted to meet the particular requirements of a governmental agency. Where such audits take place, the scope and audit programs are set by the govern

What is the difference between literal and purposive approach to statutory interpretation?

Generally speaking it can be said that there are two contrasting views as to how judges should interpret a statute. Using the literal approach, dominant in the English legal s

Differences between statutory books and non-statutory books?

statutory book Requires under the Companies Act 1956, the company must keep and maintain the statutory books of the registered company. which it includes any register or othe

What is the difference between tax audit and statutory audit?

Audit under any statute in a Country(State) is called  statutory audit & Audit under any taxation law is called tax  audit. For example books of accounts are audited under