What is the difference between a Christian and a Methodist church?

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There is not really a difference. I go to a Methodist church. We all are Christians: Baptist, Methodist, Christian, just all different names mostly. We all are Christian and believe in God with some small differences.
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What is the difference between Methodist and Church of Christ?

The Churches of Christ do not believe in use of music,or choirs.They believe in congregational singing,they also believe the Lords Supper should be taken every week on the fir

What is the difference between a Baptist and a Methodist church?

One of the biggest differences between these two denominations is, to put it succinctly, "how wet you get" at baptism. Baptists accept only baptism by immersion, while Methodi

What is the difference between Pentecostal and Methodist churches?

Answer . Methodists proclaim in every service to recognize the Catholic Church. Pentacostals believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit among them...speaking in tongues and p

What is the difference between Methodist and Lutheran churches?

There is no great difference in their beliefs. . Methodists do not have parochial schools. . Methodist do not drink alcoholic wine at communion. . Methodists say " fo

What is the difference between African Methodist Episcopal and Christian Methodist Episcopal Churches?

Both the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) and the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (CME) are two predominantly black Christian denominations within the Wesleyan /

What is the difference between Christian churches and Methodist churches?

In a sense there is no real difference. Methodists are christians by definition, they stick to the trinitarian point of view of christianity (there is one God in three parts,

What is the difference between a Church of England church and a Methodist church?

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church was a clergyman in the C of E and he never renounced his position. He never wanted to start a new church. In 1795, the Met

What is the difference between the Methodist church and the Catholic church?

Methodism does not require adherence to a specific creed or creeds, such as transubstantiation. It recognizes only Communion and Baptism as sacraments. It does not require ind

What is the difference between christian and Methodist?

I was raised Mormon I have attended Baptist church many years. In the last year I have been attending the First Church of the Nazarene. I trusted Christ as my savior many yea

Difference between baptist and Methodist churches?

I can speak of Southern Baptist Convention and United Methodist. The Southern Baptist predominately believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible. They consider it the in