What is the difference between the AME Zion church and the Baptist church?


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One difference between A.M.E and baptist is the way in which people are baptized. Baptist believe in submersion; methodist church sprinkles the water over the persons head. Both are equal in effectiveness as The Bible needs only one baptism. That is through the holy spirit.

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African Zion Baptist Church was created in 1872.

Mount Zion Baptist Church - Tulsa - was created in 1948.

AME and AME Zion are both churches. The AME church is primarily African American and Methodist. It is based in the United States. The AME Zion church is African American Christian and was founded in New York City.

The AME Church is the African Methodist Episcopal Church founded in 1796 in Pennsylvania, as black members separated from the white Methodist Church. The AME Zion Church is the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church which was founded in 1796 in New York., as black members in that area separated from the white Methodist Church. Zion was added to the name of the church to be able to identify the two denominations that started at the same time. Type your answer here...

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In 1790, Prince Williams and his deacon Sharper Morris, who were run away slaves from South Carolina, was credited with establishing the Baptist faith in the Bahamas. They both started the Bethel Baptist Church on Meeting Street which is the oldest Baptist Church in the Bahamas. Even though Prince Williams was credited with being the founder of the First Baptist Church, he was not allowed to be the pastor because he had a bad marriage. Pastor Scriven became the first pastor of Bethel Baptist Church. Prince Williams then established the St. John's Native Baptist Church, originally called William's chapel and Bethlehem Chapel. Joseph Burton built Zion Chapel on August 25th 1835 to attract a white congregation. Zion grew, but not with whites. The Baptist is known for their splitting habits which are called MULTIPLICATON BY DIVISION. This meant that when conflict existed among the leadership of the church, they leave and formed their own church. By 1869, there were three distinct groups of Baptists in the Bahamas, Bethel, St. John's and Zion Baptist. In an effort to unify (make as one) the Baptist family of all Islands of the Bahamas, The Bahamas Baptist Missionary and Education Convention was formed in 1935 with Reverend A. C. Symonette as President. The first annual session was held May 25, 1936 at St. John's Baptist church. There are presently eight Baptist associations under the Bahamas National Baptist Missionary and Education Convention. They are as follows: Bahamas Baptist Association Bahamas Baptist Union Bethel Baptist Association Morning Star Baptist Association New Way Progressive Baptist Association St. John's Native Baptist Society Zion United Baptist Convention

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Hi. If your question is About Mt Zion Christian Church in Australia, pastored by Robert Sewell, then the answer is they are the same thing. There are churces allready in Australia called 'apostolic' and they are not apostolic at all. The name was just made simple because very few churches in Australia have complex names. What is more important than the name is what is taught. I am Robert's sister in law? Who is writing?

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