What is the difference between function and method?

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functions have independent existence means they are defined outside of the class e.g. in c main() is a function while methods do not have independent existence they are always defined inside class e.g. main() in Java is called method.

I've been studying OOP lately and had this question myself, so I will share my thoughts;

I was taught that "A Function should do 1(one) thing and do it well."

In specific Regards to PHP;
The difference between a Method and a Function is that a Method is tied to a specific class.

Hope this helps.

function can return value where as method can't that is the main difference between function and method


Actually you are describing the difference between a function and a procedure. Function returns a value, procedure does not unless you are using c#, then everything is a function.

In c# a function, to paraphrase the first answer, does and thing and does it well. A method contains functions. The most important method is the Main method. All functionality of a program must be referenced in the Main method because when you run a program, it starts at the beginning of the Main method, and stops wehn it hits end of the Main method.
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