What is the difference between jpg and JPEG files?

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JPG and JPEG both stand both for an image format proposed and supported by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. The two terms have the same meaning and are interchangeable.

Both JPEG and JPG are bitmap compression formats for picture and image files with compression ratios ranging from 10:1 to 20:1. In fact, JPG and JPEG file formats are identical.

Older DOS-based computers were designed to handle a maximum "3-character file extension" which is why JPG was attributed to compressed image files. Newer Operating systems allow for longer file extensions as evidenced by .html. Accordingly, the JPG file extension was upgraded to the JPEG file extension which is the true acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group.
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How do you convert a number of jpg files to JPEG files all at once?

There is basically no difference between jpg and jpeg. They meanthe same thing, and are exactly the same type of file. It's just adifferent name (extension) for the same thing

What is the difference between jpg gif bmp and png format files?

Graphic file formats . Each format has its pros and cons, but there are differences and specific times when a certain format should be used. BMP - Bitmap . This was prob

How can you convert JPEG files to jpg files?

open the file with paint and go to file and click on "save as" and then name the file and efter you name it put a period with jpg after the period like this: exaple.jpg. and t

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A key logger is an application, which means it is a .exe file and it can't be hidden in a jpeg file...fyi, computer virus/es are also .exe files and can be hidden by using win

What is the difference between a JPEG file and a tif?

These are different file formats. jpeg uses a lossy compression algorithm. Tiff can use a lossless algorithm (the compression algorithithm can be defined for each image). TIFF

Difference between gif and jpeg file format?

Gif format is mainly used to create text, line drawing, animation as well as for the cartoon also because it supports only 256 colors to use so not good for using it for color

Difference between JPEG and png?

jpeg is smaller(compressed) in size, the algorithm is "lossy" and jpg (jpeg) does not support transparency; furthermore jpg compression introduces "artifacts" which degrade t

What is jpeg and jpg?

They both mean Joint Photographic Experts Group. They are both thedefault format when saving non-animated images/pictures.

What is the difference between mpeg JPEG files and mp3 wma files?

mpeg files can be different depending on their classification. MP3 is mpeg3, music/sound only. MP4 is mpeg4, music/sound plus video. Those are to most popular classifica


There is no difference. They are both abbreviations for JointPhotographic Experts Group. They are the default savelocation/extension for non-animated images.