What is the difference between knight and cavalier?

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kupli. nangutana gani kita na noon ang patubagon. kupli.
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How do Knights Templar differ from Christians?

Answer . The Knights Templar were Christians. Their original purpose was to assist travelers to the Holy Land. Legend has it that they hunted for relics of Christianity in the Holy Land. They also developed the first banking systems in Europe. The institution of the Knights Templar was destroyed (MORE)

Is there a difference between a 93 cavalier 3.1 z24 motor and a 93 lumina 3.1 motor?

Yes there is, albeit minor. Main difference is the location of the oil filter. The Cavalier as an filter relocation adaptor, and the Luminas oil filter does not. There are other minor diferences, but the swap is very doable. The oil fitler adapter comes off the engine from the cavalier, and can be m (MORE)

What is the difference between Cavalier and Cabinet Oblique Sketching?

One remaining drawing conventions is Oblique drawing - In this convention the angles used are 45 degrees and 90 degrees. The only difference between the two named styles is in the scale of the dimension going away from the viewer.. This first example is Cavalier Oblique and shows the full scale (1 (MORE)

What is the difference between a soldier and a knight?

A knight is a kind of soldier under the feudal system. Knights were given grants of land by a lord in return for a promise to fight for him when called on. Working on the Knights land were peasants who the Knight could call upon the fight with him. Knights were noble and are usually thought of as h (MORE)

What was the difference between a knight and a vassal?

The knights were originally the heavy cavalry. The word knight came to be a title, usually given by a monarch, and was regarded as the lowest level of the nobility. A vassal was a person who had a relationship of mutual obligation with a lord. The vassal sword loyalty and obedience, and the lord g (MORE)

What is the difference between a papal knight and a knight knighted by the queen?

The Papal Knighthood ( there are or were various grades of nobility) was purely honorary and not a real title of nobility. One should not confuse the idea of a Papal Knight with the on occasion armored Swiss Guards, who are members of the Swiss Army and in fact a special unit. there are plainclothes (MORE)

What is the difference between a King Charles spaniel and a cavalier King Charles spaniel?

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as we know it today was not given official Kennel Club recognition until 1945. The King Charles Spaniel whose history has been documented since the 15th Century has its origins in the courts of Europe. In 2000 only 185 King Charles Spaniel puppies were registered wi (MORE)

What is the difference between a knight and a samurai?

A samurai was a male born into the Japanese warrior caste, and trained in, among other things, the martial arts of Japan (including weapons) and bushido, the Shinto-based Code of Honor of Japan at the time. Legitimate samurai reported to a daimyo (local king) or other nobility in the Japanese feudal (MORE)

What were differences between a samurai and a knights?

In Japan women were equal to men, thus a women could become a samurai. In Europe Women weren't treated equal to men, thus they couldn't become knights. Samurai soldiers slept with their swords because they were scared of their wives, European soldiers didn't.

Why did they have a different Rachel in dark knight?

Even though Christopher Nolan offered her the part, Katie Holmes decided not to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes. Instead, she opted to co-star with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah in Mad Money (2008) that same year.

What is the difference between roundheads and cavaliers?

Roundheads were Parliamentary/Puritan soldiers who wore tight fitting un-orimented metal helmets, while Cavaliers were kings men who wore large hats with feathers as their uniform headdress. Some differences between the round-heads and the cavaliers are that the cavaliers supported the King and t (MORE)

What is the difference between a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a King Charles spainel?

There is really no difference just Cavalier's grow a bit bigger and king Charles spaniel's have a little bit longer hair. Actually, there is a BIG difference between a Cavalier and a King Charles Spaniel... King Charles have a dome-shaped head and huge eyes. Their muzzles are about the lengt (MORE)

What are the differences between samurai's and knights?

Samurai were geographically located in Japan where knights were in Europe. Often times Samurai would follow a religion such as Daoism, Confucianism, or Buddhism. Knights had a tendency to be Christian and were sent on "holy" missions. Samurai often waged war with the philosophy of "honor".

What is the difference between a Chevy cavalier ls and z24?

z24 has the different wheels, its usually a 2 door. They both have the same 2.4L engine.. If you fast forward to 2002, they made the z24 with 2.4L engine, but in the 2002-1/2 and up, they changed to the LS model, with 2.2 ecotec engine.

What was the difference between a knight and a mercenary?

A mercenary fought for who ever paid the most, even to the extent of switching sides halfway through a battle. Not only that mercenaries were notoriously difficult to control, they would loot and pillage as well. Where as a Knight owed service to his lord, were easier to control at times, and lived (MORE)

What is the difference between a king Charles and a cavalier king Charles?

A King Charles Spaniel is a little stockier with a bit more of a pug nose and a flatter head. They tend to have a few more facial freckles than Cavaliers. My understanding is that the two started out as the same breed. Eventually the breed had developed some characteristics that some people didn't l (MORE)

What are similarities between knights and samurais?

Well, they both followed strict codes, bushido and chivalry. They both protected themselves with body armor. Samurai and Knights both used lances and swords in the early medieval times. Both their jobs were to protect and serve the lord. -Hope that helped:)

What are some differences between roundheads and cavaliers?

Some differences between round heads and cavaliers are that roundheads made people captain if they were good at gatting everyone's attention and good at organization skills, unlike the cavaliers that made you a captain if you had lots of money. Also roundheads had better armour than cavaliers so the (MORE)

Why did knights have different colours?

When wearing full armor and helmets, it was almost impossible for knights to tell apart friend from foe when in battle. As a way to tell who was who, knights would wear cloth tunics over their armor showing the colors and heraldry that represented who they were fighting for. They would often paint t (MORE)

How were samurai and knights religion different?

That the samurai and the knight were of different religions was one of the biggest differences. The Samurai was Shinto while the medieval knights were Christian (or Catholic) Shinto meant "Way of the Gods" and they belived in carrying out deeds that made sort of a connection between modern day Ja (MORE)

How do the samurais differ from knights?

Because knights have shield advance against the one handed sword samurai. because the armor and the shield is the most important defending weapons against Bows and arrows and ..... and i think the knight wins.

What is the difference between a knight and squire?

The medieval meaning of the word squire was simply a ' knight in training '... it was the stage after being a page on the way to becoming a knight. They served an existing knight as an attendant or shield carrier.

What is the difference between vassal and knight?

Nothing. A knight could be a vassal to his liege lord. When a squire is knighted, the new knight must swear alligence to his lord. When a liege lord calls on his vassals in times of war, the vassal knights must come to fight for him.

What is the difference between knight and night?

Knight: A knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarchy or other political leader for service to the monarch or country, especially in a military capacity. Night: Night or nighttime is the period of time between the sunset and the sunrise when the sun is below th (MORE)

Are the cavalier ignition coils different?

Depends on year and engine size.early 2.4 quad 4 coils were under top engine cover.most other models had either single coil for seperate cylinders or 1 coil pack for all cylinders.