What is the difference between knowledge based system and expert system?

both of them are the same
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Different between expert system and Natural language processing?

An expert system is designed to emulate the abilities and thought  processes of a human expert. It is designed to solve complex  problems by reasoning through knowledge rath (MORE)

What is the difference between Human expert vs expert system?

Human ExpertsSkills and knowledge can deterriorate over timeTraining human experts is an expensive and lengthy process that may not even guarentee good resultsSusceptible to e (MORE)

Different between expert system and decision support system?

Answer   •DSS aid in problem solving by allowing for manipulation of data & models whereas ES allow experts to 'teach' computers about their field so that the syste (MORE)

What is the difference between an expert system and an artificially intelligent system?

An expert system mimics the expertise of an expert, such as a physician, geologist etc. An intelligent system is a system learns and acts and reaches objectives not by chance. (MORE)

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What is the role of knowledge in expert system?

importance of knowledge in expert system:1.knoledge is the enqure part of the expert system .2.allow easy modification adding and deleting skill from the knowledge base.3.easy (MORE)

What is the difference between human expert and expert systems?

HUMAN EXPERT-skills and knowledge an deterriote overtime.training human expert is an expensive and lengthy process that may not even gurantee good results.susceptible to emoti (MORE)