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What is the difference between quartz and automatic movements in watches?

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Automatic watches are self-winding ie. they need no battery and are wound by the slightest movement of the owner's wrist. Rolex invented the modern automatic back in the 1930s.

A quartz watch is powered by a battery - it keeps time by pulsing electrical current through the tiny quartz crystal, which oscillates at a predictable rate and hence keeps very accurate time. Quartz watches can have either an analog dial with the traditional hands or have a digital display - or both.
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What is a chronograph movement as apposed to an automatic or quartz movement?

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Can you keep an automatic watch and a quartz watch in one box?

Yes! Of course I can! You may never imagine I can do this. But this is true. I just use a watch winder! I put my automatic watch in the winder and the watch winder has a botto
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Do you have to wind a quartz movement watch?

Many analogue watches nowadays use what's called a piezo-electric crystal to generate the energy required to function. In essence a piezo-electric crystal will generate an ele