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What is the difference between retail and renter's insurance and can you use renter's insurance in a retail space?

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Commercial Space Rental and Insurance What you would need to buy for a commercial space is called Commercial General Liability Insurance.
 Answer There is a big difference between Retail and Renter's insurance. Retail insurance is for any type of basically a retail business that has an inventory used for retail purpose. Renter's insurance is used for a private individual or family that is renting a home or apartment and wants to protect their belongings from fire/flood/etc. You cannot use renter's insurance to protect a retail space which is considered business. Retail insurance does cost more. But to get the best answer to this question consult your insurance agent.
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Can a landlord request renter's insurance to be mandatory?

  Answer     Yes, it can be included in the lease. It will only cost you less than $250/year depending on the amount of coverage and protects both your personal

Can you use your renter's insurance to replace stained carpet?

  Answer   What was the cause of the stain? If same came from a leak from a common source, the property owner's PD carrier would most likely be responsible. If you

Can you use renter's insurance to cover musical instruments in the practice space you rent?

  Answer     Like a policy on an owned home, a percent of the personal property of the insured is covered while off premises, under many conditions. Normally so

How much is renter's insurance?

Answer     You will need to contact an agent for a quote, but historically renter's policies are some of the most inexpensive.     Bear in mind the price can v

Does renter's insurance cover pest infestation?

No, renters insurance will not cover personal property or loss of use for an infestation of any kind(termites, bed bugs. etc...). You may check with the landlord policy to see

When shopping for renter's insurance what features should you look for?

The coverage features you should look for when shopping for renters insurance should include protection of your personal belongings against damage from things such as fire, sm

Is there a renter's insurance that covers mold?

Most renters insurance policies do exclude mold. However, parts of the water damage coverage in a renters policy may assist in the remediation of mold if the water damage that

Is moth damage covered by renter's insurance?

It depends on the covered perils and exclusions of the policy as they vary greatly from policy to policy and company to company. Generally speaking damage caused by animals an

Does renter's insurance include liability insurance?

Yes. This is why most apartments or landlords require it. This is something that a lot of people overlook when renting. If someone is injured on your promises you are liable.

Does Budget Insurance offer renter's insurance?

Yes, Budget Insurance offers renters insurance. It is wise to consider getting renters insurance, since you never know when a disaster or problem may occur. It is reasonably p

Does renter's insurance cover trampolines?

How do you mean cover? If the trampoline belongs to the insured and it is damaged by a covered cause such as storm damage or another covered cause then yes it will be covered